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Monday, September 28, 2015

First time going for a girlie walk

Do you remember the first time you dressed up like a girl and went out for a walk?

I started doing that when I was 13 and starting in junior high school. I remember I put on a short skirt and sweater with bra and panties and pantyhose underneath. I didn't have any heels, so I put on these skimpy canvas casuals that you now see at Walmart for two or three bucks. I did not have a wig either, so I put on a woman's hat. I couldn't walk out of the house like that, so I hid the hat and I pulled on a pair of jeans. But once I got into the woods behind my house I took off the jeans and left them there.

I walked across town, not through the main streets, but through the residential areas where it was not as bright. Boy was I ever scared. Did you ever do anything silly like that when you were a young girlie boy?

So I get to about the end of town and by that time I am really scared, especially since I have a long way to go back. And my heart was pounding. I wasn't going to get caught since my head was covered, but I still worried about it.

I went back the way I came and to the spot on the woods where I left my jeans. Put the jeans back on and went back into my house. This was maybe two hours later. My heart was pounding the whole time, but I remember how much I loved it. And I would do it again and again.

Anyone else do that?


Chaste Hubby said...

I remember my sister and mother insisting that I wear my sister's junior high cheerleading outfit out trick or treating when I was in about 5th grade. Outwardly, I was upset. Inwardly, I was as happy as I could ever be. Wish I had that opportunity again!

sidegaviota said...

I don't know if this comment is valid for this post but I'd like to share this memory with all of you. I started experimenting with girl's panties (my sister's) when I was about 11 and loved the way it made me feel like a girl. I even went as far as...(Please don't laugh!)inserting a tampon in my anus to see what it felt like. Has anyone gone this far to feel like a girl?

Kailee said...

Great Post and excellent idea,
i haven't done this before but
im totally gonna try and do it now...

darlene porter said...

I never took girlie walks when I was a teenager ( I'm now 45}but 4 years ago I started getting dressed head-to-toe in female clothes ,shaved ,perfumed,wig, and make-up ect. and would stay up till 3or 4 am and walk down the bock to a mini-market and leave a lip stick kiss on a sign on the front window . i've kissed that sign 27 times in 2008.So I know how thrilling it can be. It's fun!

eversosweetclarissa said...

My first time out in public en-femme: One Friday, sophomore year in high school I knew I'd have the house to myself till at least 11:00 PM, right after school I went home and immediately showered and got all made-up and dressed in my sister's clothes, just a cute, simple ensemble: pantyhose, panties, padded bra, conservative blue skirt, white poet's blouse and my own brand new pair of tennis shoes. I poured myself a cocktail of my stepfather's Johnny Walker Red and stepped out on the back deck to smoke a joint. As I'm catching a buzz I see that the the stadium lights at school were on (we lived five blocks from the high school) and realized that there was a football game that evening. As the joint had made me horny as hell and the whiskey had obliterated my inhibitions, I packed one of my sister's purses and walked to the stadium. On my way in I pass right by three of my buddies having a smoke under a tree outside the fence. Less than five hours prior I had told them that I could not hang with them that night because I had to go someplace with my parents. The game was into the second quarter and I took a seat several benches above and behind the cheerleaders. I glance around and of course see dozens of people from school, none of whom have a clue who I am. Intensely nervous and excited I then stare intently down at the field, quivering in the knowledge that three of the football players I am watching call me a pussy every time they see me, think of me as the sports-hating wimpy wuss who throws and runs like a girl, with shoulder-length long hair and notably feminine face who never seems to mind being mistaken for a girl and is always the last one picked in P.E. Other than the extreme thrill of passing as a teenage girl, my time there was pleasantly non-eventfull and I left half way into the third quarter. When my parents got home just before midnight I was all returned to boy mode, passed out on the living room sofa watching TV. Mom asked me: "What did you do tonight sweetie?" I simply replied: "Nothing."

Michelle Hart said...

My first time outing was when I was 14. I borrowed my sister's undies, a blouse, tight jeans and a coat. I snuck out at around 1 am and walked all around my neighborhood. I even got on a trolley and rode for several miles. I was so scared but felt so complete.

Lisa said...

I had been dressing regularly for quite sometime. I would drive around come back home walk around in my back yard. One night i got so exited, it was late night, i just needed to walk down the street behind my house. it wasn't that busy at night so i walked to the end of the block and back. I was nervous and a little worried that i might run into someone i knew but excited at the same time. There i go in my bra and water balloons for boobs, red panties and pantyhose, black dress and 3 inch black patent leather pumps wig and make up. I don't have to tell you what i did when i got back to my room. From then on it got easier to go out.

Stevie Stevens said...

As I have said, I don't walk around in a skirt or dress anymore, but I dress in girls clothes that I can get away with. That means I will walk around in short denim shorts and a girlie tank top. Sure you get looks and comments, but not as many as if you were seen out in a dress somewhere.

But the excitement is also gone. Wearing those short shorts in public is just something that I do anymore. Not a big deal. And of course my legs are shaved and toes painted!

Madison said...

I dress in ladies size 8of jeans and clingy t shirts every time i am shopping..

Candi DeMeter said...

The first time I remember being turned on by wearing girls clothing was around age 4, when a neighbor put me in a pair of her daughters frilly panties. I had been playing with the daughter in a paddling pool, and got all my clothes wet. The mother dried me off and put me in the panties so I could go home. I really had no words for how good it felt, I just remember feeling warm and tingly.

I started raiding my Mum's underwear draw at around age 7, but it wasn't until I had finished college that I actually went out dressed. At that time I had been dressing regularly in private, and had a small stock of lingerie, but not too many outer clothes.I must have been early 20's and was staying at a friends house in Brighton, UK (I'm originally from the UK). Everyone was away, and I had some girl clothes and makeup with me. I dressed up, as I usually would when alone, and as I got more and more femme, I kept thinking about how exciting it would be to go out. It was later at night, maybe midnight, dark, and I finally screwed up the courage to go out. I put on a raincoat, and stole out of the house. It was SO exciting - I still remember the thrill of hearing my heels click on the street as I walked along. I walked around the block, my heart beating so fast from that heady mixture of sexual excitement and fear!! I stayed out for only a short time, maybe 15 -20 minutes, but oh how wonderful it was!

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