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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanting to be a wife

I remember from any early age watching TV and wanting to be like the girl in a movie or show. Not the man, never. And I especially wanted to be like the wife. Like Laura on the Dick van Dyke show!

The people I admired most in my neighborhood were my aunts and the neighbor ladies. Not any man. I just loved how they could be wives and mothers and keep their houses and take care of kids and be just plain loving.

As I grew older, I fantasized about being a man's wife and doing all those things and also doing things for him. I would make sure he got off to work each day with a lunch I packed for him and keep the house neat for him and make sure he had a nice dinner when he came home.

I would keep myself pretty and sweet smelling for him for when he arrived home. I would greet him naked at the door and kiss him and telling him how much I missed him and how I thought of sucking his cock all day. And I would give him a nice loving blowjob before dinner to satisfy my craving.

In the evening, I thought about how I would sit naked at his feet so I could be near him and make sure he had whatever he needed. Or I would massage his feet or give him a nice neck massage. I would fetch him his beer while he watched his sports games, then kneel back down at his feet.

And when it was time for bed. I would orally please him again, worshiping his balls this time and giving his cock even greater pleasure until he rewarded me with another gift of his of cum. And I would give him a massage until he drifted off to sleep.

I drifted off to sleep many nights dreaming about this.


Chrissy Hamilton said...

This describes me to a tee. I soo want to be a traditional 50s housewife (with the era dresses too)!!

sidegaviota said...

This has been my fantasy since I can remember. When I watch a man making love to a woman I always imagine what it must be like to be in her place.

sidegaviota said...

I'd dare to say that my first sign of being a sissy happened many, many years ago when I was about 12. There was a hit song called "Je 'taime" sung by a french couple where in the background you could hear them making love (remember the song?). You could hear the woman panting softly as she neared her climax. Well, I remember I loved that song and what's most striking is that I'd emphasize with the woman in the song. I'd imagine what she was feeling as the man made love to her and I loved the feeling. Since then, every time a watch men having sex with women, I imagine and wish I was in her place.

chrissie25atl said...

I had the same thoughts and dreams growing up, and still do. I guess it never goes away. Very nice blog

The Boy Who Would Be Bride said...

I may not get to be a wife, but I do get to be a bride. In October I am renewing my vows in Las Vegas and I get to be the bride with my wife as the groom.

greenhawk46 said...

what a total sweetie you are-love your photo too xxx Jim

Venus_Inside said...

is mine too. i loved your story

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