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Friday, May 28, 2010

Did you play with dolls?

When you read stories about T-girls and sissies they almost always say things like their dads were not a presence in the lives, they had older sisters that they envied, they didn't fit in with the other kids, they were slight of build and weak -- and also that they played with dolls.

I don't remember a lot of things about grade school, not a lot of specific things anyway. (I was trying to remember a certain teacher the other day but could not, so I'll have to ask my mom. And I was looking at a class picture from grade school and could not remember half the kids.) But I do remember that I was more like the girls than the boys, that I had more friends that were girls than boys, that I wanted to spend time with my female relatives and not my male ones.

Before sixth grade or age 12, I don't remember wearing girls clothes or even wanting to wear them. That's when that yearning kicked in for me. But one thing that I do remember is how I wanted to play with dolls. My sisters had them and they had plenty so there was always one for me. They had Barbies, which were their favorites, and they had Tammy, which was a distant second to Barbie in popularity when I was a kid in the 60s. So while they played with the Barbies, I got to play with Tammy. I don't remember my sisters expressing any disdain for my playing with dolls. Neither did my mom. I don't think my dad knew or cared, unless my mom told him.

So I played with Tammy with the my sisters and played with her a lot by myself. I couldn't wait to get home from school to play with her. I loved to undress her and dress her over and over. And of course she was the same size as Barbie. So just as I was soon to do with my one sister, Tammy borrowed Barbie's clothes.

While the normal boys were playing with GI Joe, I had my Tammy doll. I remember that we had that Tammy box that is pictured above.  I don't remember that small doll, but I suspect it was Tammy's little sister. Wish I could find a Tammy doll for old times' sake.

If you played with dolls -- and I am pretty sure you did if you are reading this --  please tells us about here.


JamieLin said...

No, I didn't play with dolls. In fact, I made fun of my friends who played with GI Joe because HE was a doll! As I've written at length, although those posts may no longer be up, at the direction of my older brother I certainly did a good job projecting the proper tough little boy image.

I did however have no objections whatsoever to playing "house" with little girls, although I was always the "dad." Also, at bedtime, there were plenty of stuffed animals that I pretended were my children and I was their father.

jellybean said...

I really don't remember the names for the dolls back in the 50's, but my next door neighbor had a few and the other girl came around almost every day and she had dolls. I really don't know if my mom knew that I was playing with dolls but she never said anything. I love playing with the girls and with the dolls and playing house. It was alot more fun than playing ball.
Playinh house...after playing with the dolls, bathing them and getting them dress in their knighties ready for bed, it was usually "story time" and all of the kids wanted to hear a story. My favorite girlfriend was the best reader with me 2nd. What a time we had.

Aza said...

I was born the year that Barbie was created. Not only did I play with Barbies a lot, I also made Barbie dresses using the scrap fabrics from my mom's sewing projects.

I vividly remember, very early on also playing with much larger dolls that belonged to my aunts (my grandma took care of me, especially in the earlier years).

I also recall the comfort I felt playing under the quilts that my grandma and her church lady friends were almost constantly working on in quilting bees, listening to their conversations, remaining as quiet as possible to avoid drawing attention I feared might make one of them think I shouldn't be there.

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes Aza! I spent time with my aunts while they were cooking and baking mostly. And they let me help. I felt I should be there! Never spent much time with male relatives and when I did it was just to watch them do something I really was not interested in!

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