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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I must seem like such a weakling!

Today I was out doing some grocery shopping. I was dressed pretty much like Hazel (on the left) is in the photo -- tank top, shorts and flip flops and shaved legs, of course -- but I was in sissy boy mode.

I needed some mulch to put around my flower beds so I pulled into a convenience store that advertised 4 bags for $10.99. I went in and paid and the clerk, a pretty tall blond girl, asked me if I needed any help loading the mulch. Now, if you've never bought mulch before, the bags are sort of bulky, but they don't weigh anything at all. Still, the girl's first impression was that I would need help placing the bags in my trunk.

I guess I am pretty weak though. I had to buy some water softener salt several days earlier. They come in 80-pound bags and 40-pound bags. I don't even go near the 80-pound bags. There is no possible way I could carry that. I struggled with the 40-pound bags. I strained my wrists as I wrestled with them trying to get them from my car to the house.

Also recently, I went to buy a 100-pound tub of swimming pool chlorine. There is no way in the world I could possible lift that. The guy from the pool store brought it out to my van with a dolly and lifted it into the back. (I enjoyed watching him show his strength, by the way! He was nicely built!)

Now the problem was what to do with the chlorine when I got it back to my house. I couldn't lift it out the hole in the back of the van. So a neighborhood kid was coming by and I offered him 5 bucks if he would just carry the tub of chlorine to behind my house. I bet the next day he went around telling his friends at school how he had to bail out a weak sissy neighbor.

But I get that a lot when I buy a big or heavy item. I guess you would expect men to offer to help, but when a young lady thinks that you need  help carrying something, well, the makes you feel pretty weak, doesn't it?


JamieLin said...

So did you let the tall blond help you? She must have been curious. Or maybe she just plain knew and wanted more. I think you'd better go back!

Stevie Stevens said...

No. I guess I let the opportunity slip by. And besides, she was a really young girl, maybe early college age since a high school girl would not be working at a convenience store.

But just the fact that she thought I needed help was telling. And other people waiting in line heard her ask me. It was just another sissy moment.

Anonymous said...

Did the neighbor kid give you a curious look

Stevie Stevens said...

Well yea sort of. But the kid is a good polite kid and always says hello when he walks by the house.

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