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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prom season

Well another prom season is here. I enjoy seeing the pretty girls in their beautiful gowns when they show them in the newspaper. Our local paper runs all the area high school's prom courts. In fact, since grade school I have envied those girls!

It sucks that we couldn't go to a prom like that. Even today sissies try it -- with little or no success. But wouldn't it be nice for sissies to be able to wear a dress like the one pictured to their proms! All nice and shaved smooth all over and their hair and nails done and smelling great!. I would have loved to have gone to my prom like the girl pictured. But of course the bully boys would have killed me even if the school administrators would have allowed it. Which wasn't about to happen.

I didn't even go to my prom -- in any form. What girl was going to go with me? What guy? Everyone said I should go anyways, but I did not feel like doing that. But I did go over and see one girl off. I was her sissy friend. She looked so pretty and her boyfriend came to pick her up and gave her a corsage and off they went.

I went home and cried because I was sad that I was missing out on that because I was not a real girl and that that moment was now lost in time. But then a boy called me and said he had an extra baseball ticket, a box seat, so I went to the ballgame.

UPDATE 5/23/10: Found these two bottom pictures from a ladyboy pageant, but don't you think they would look lovely going to a prom and wouldn't you have wanted to go to your prom like that. I know I would have!

I really, really like that top yellow gown! If sissies could go to their proms that is what I would want to wear!


greenhawk46 said...

you'd look great in that dress too xxxx Jim

Stevie Stevens said...

I can only dream about looking like that! But thanks for the nice comment!

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