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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updating a favorite post: School days

Why couldn't we sissies wear even
a nice conservative outfit
like this too school?

Don't you wish you could have gone to school dressed like this T-girl? 

In a nice conservative skirt and blouse?

Of course, nasty bullies would have beat you up. But I never understood why those bullies in school never liked us. What were they afraid of? We're they afraid about their own sexuality? It could never be that they were afraid they might actually like us. Could it?

I do know one thing. Bullies hated me because the prettiest girls included me in their circle as a friend during junior and senior high school. I would even be invited over to their houses and got to know their moms and dads. (Who, by the way, thought I was just so sweet and wouldn't have complained at all if their daughters actually dated me. I was safe, I guess!)

Bullies also hated me because I shaved my legs as soon as the hair started coming in. But why would they hate me? What did that have to do with them anyway? This bullying is still going on. I read it in the news all the time. And it will probably never stop. 

But do you think there will ever come the day when T-girls like us can actually wear what they want to school or on the job. I doubt it, but who would have ever thought gay marriage would be legal, as it is several states already?


Patti said...

Hi Stevie!

I am Optimistic that One day..maybe within the next 20 years, Sissy males will become Coommon, and many boys will be attending schoolin skirts and dresses with nylons and carrying purses...and Hopefully, some of those Bullies will be Feminized by their mothers and be in dresses as well!


Stevie Stevens said...

Yes,it's just not fair, is it? That women can go around wearing pants and flannel shirts, etc. But we can't go around wearing skirts and dresses. WTF is the difference?

jennapher said...

Actually, I believe it will become a reality: you will be able to dress and appear in public as the gender with which you identify!
Props to today's young gurls who are bravely risking so much to attend school dressed as they want. The truth is that genetic boy or girl who is trans can dress as a man or a woman as long as they adhere to the gender dress code.
It takes HUGE amounts of courage to do this, but it is happening, and these kids are risking their lives by forcing the issue and provoking bullying and harassment to make their point.
Perhaps you have seen or heard of the documentary Valentine Road, the story of trans teenager Larry King who was murdered, in school, in cold blood, by a classmate...because he "humiliated" the boy by publicly asking him to be his Valentine on Valentine's Day.
It is a tragic sad story, and underscores the prejudices of many of the parents and adults, including school administrators, who partially justified the killing on the grounds that King had been "harassing" his killer.
I know there is no way I could ever have gone to school dressed as a girl! Hell, I have a tough enough time going out in public now.
But younger generations are forging a new frontier for the trans community making it far more likely that within the next 10 to 20 years we will have the RIGHT to dress as who we are!!!

Nancy Lewis said...

Society and cultures are changing more rapidly than at any time in history. Discovery is routine.

When I was 8-10 years old, I believed I was unique in all the world. I wanted to be raised as a girl. It was virtually impossible to learn anything helpful about my "condition".

In the future, it will become far easier to adjust to being who we need to be. As the number of gender girls who seek feminine boys and men as their mates grows, the number of boys who opt for a feminine lifestyle will also grow very rapidly.

Stevie Stevens said...

When I was a young sissy, I did not know what the heck was going on with me. I gravitated toward the feminine lifestyle and not to what the boys were doing.

My mother thought it was fine; I just did stuff with my two older sisters. My father spurned me because of the way I was.

Like you said, it has become more accepted!

John Smith said...

Hi Stevie,

I love your posts, they are so evocative and resonate. You've blessed me with memories of many great feelings.

My all boys Catholic school was so ultra strict and repressive, it kind of backfired. At pep rallies, mixers or even the casual dress days, anything to stick it to the school was applauded.

As a letter man in cross country, I got to wear whatever I wanted with my letter man sweater on Fridays during the season which coincided with football.

As a "gag," I offered to wear one of the football player's jerseys and dress in a pair of retro hip hugging white capris with saddle oxfords. I had cherry red lips, full makeup and a wig because we had to keep our hair short.

I pranced down the halls all day with my head on his shoulder to the cheers of my classmates. He even had me put a lipstick stain on his collar. It became a tradition that lasted all four years.

At a pep rally against our arch rivals, I acted out the song Lola with someone dressed up like the opposing team's QB. By the time the game started, word had filtered back to the QB. They had me stand over by the cheerleaders blowing him kisses and all of our fans sang Lola the entire game.

Another time, I won the talent contest by doing a routine to the song Private Eyes. In front of all 1600 students, one of our football coaches pretended to be secretly watching me in four scenes ending up in a bikini batting a beach ball back and forth with the students in the stands.

Sorry to run on, but you really gave me a lot of joy taking a walk down memory lane.


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