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Friday, June 11, 2010

Girlie smooth all over!

Don't you just love to be smooth all over? I know it can be a chore to shave all over, but the results are something we t-girls really cannot live without.

Any body hair at all is so manly, don't you agree? And we are so very far from being manly of course. Oops, I forgot. Sometimes I grow a V-shaped patch of pubie hair above my little sissy clitty. But if I can't get it to just the right girlie shape, I just lop it all off and try again.

Most of the time I just shave using a gel that includes baby oil. But sometimes I like to coat my body with Nair and then get in the shower and shave that off. That's when I feel the smoothest! Really nice! Especially when I spray on a nice scent.

I started to shave my legs in junior high school, just as soon as the hair started to come in. I thought it was repulsive! I didn't want any body hair. I wanted to be smooth like the girls. As some of you also experienced, I got a lot of crap from the bully boys for shaving my legs, especially in gym class and in the locker room.

The chest hair really did not start to come in until years later and luckily it was sparse. But I wanted none of that either. So off it came too. So in high school, I was shaving totally smooth -- even arms -- and the verbal abuse got even worse.

But after shaving for all these years, it has become so routine and I have become so good at it -- just the like the girls pictured. I could not imagine having any body hair! What about you? How do you feel about having body hair?

Oh, and wouldn't it be great to be the girl in the razor add at right! Just look at how incredibly smooth she is! I am so envious! If that is what you can expect from a Venus razor, I just have to get me some!

Also, I like the ad for the shaving cream at left. Wouldn't you love to have legs so beautiful that you were picked for a shaving ad!


JamieLin said...

You really must try waxing! Hurts like hell at first, but it gets easier. Some of the hair never grows back, and what does is finer and softer.

Stevie Stevens said...

Seems like it would take a long time too. Does it?

JamieLin said...

Like anything, it's a skill. I got better with practice. My tip is this. Don't expect too much and keep at it regularly. Say once a month. Just shave regularly in between. Based on your self-descriptions (not too hairy to begin with), eventually you'll probably get to where you could give up shaving altogether.

Personally I use it on my chest where I'm sort of 80s Magnum. I used to shave and girls complained about me being too scratchy. The waxing has left me with much less hair and what I have is much softer, even as stubble.

Stevie Stevens said...

Shaving is such a great simple pleasure that I so love! It is such a great feeling to be smooth all over and smelling good with a nice body spray! And to feel your skin against a short silky robe is so awesome!

I just felt so good this morning after shaving everything! I just wanted to tell you about it!

Anonymous said...

I love the feeling of my clothes after I've smooth. It feels like I'm being touched all over.

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes. I always talk about simple pleasures of being girlie. I don't go around in a wig and makeup and dresses and heels all the time. Wish I could!

But I do wear girls clothes that I can get away in public. I have be shaved smooth. I have to smell girlie. I have to have my nails girlie. I have to have on panties that I love!

These are the simple pleasures that make me happy and that I have to enjoy every day of being girlie!

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