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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rick geek or poor hot girl?

OK. Say you are a guy and you developed into a really nerdy guy, just like the guys from the movie Revenge of the Nerds (at right). But you have been a very decent human being. You help old ladies across the street, you volunteer at the animal shelter, you help all the people in the office who are totally clueless about computers.

But you are so nerdy that you never move up the corporate ladder and worse yet you don't get any action from either sex.. So God sees this and he wants to help you out. He says that he wants to reward you.

He gives you two options:

1--You can be owner of your own software company and makes tons of money. Your company passes up Microsoft. Your picture appears on the cover of Fortune magazine. People forget about Bill Gates and say that Windows was like working with a chisel and stone compared to your operating system. But you are still a nerdy guy like the guys shown in this post. A very rich computer geek. More money than you know what to do with. But still a nerd..

Or 2--You can be like the girl shown in this post. You would be far from rich. Maybe just a college student or a struggling waitress. Your penis and balls gone. But you have soft sexy legs. Suckable breasts. An inviting pussy. You have very little money and school loans that you are struggling to pay off.

God says you have to choose one or the other. So what do you choose? The filthy rich nerd? Or the poor gorgeous girl?

Please leave your comments and don't forget to vote in the poll on this down below.


steph said...

gorgeous girl please, i'd even hang about with the geeky guy.

JamieLin said...

Well now you're just being silly. The question's just too unrealistic. Everyone knows it's impossible for a super rich guy to be a social loser.

Stevie Stevens said...

Of course I'm being silly with this. Heck, even Bill Gates has a beautiful wife!

Kristina said...

thats an easy one!...i would be the gorgeous girl of course...and then marry the rich nerd....

Stevie Stevens said...

HaHa, Kristina! You win the prize for being smart!

RachelMarieX said...

JamieLin said it's impossible for a super rich guy to be a social loser; similarly, how difficult would it be for a beautiful girl like one of those pictured to remain poor? Nevertheless, even being poor with a body like that would probably be great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rachel Marie's comment about the unlikelihood of the beautiful girl remaining poor; however, if a life sentence of extreme poverty was the condition, I might be hesitant to choose to be the beautiful girl. Why? One of the most wonderful things about being feminine is that it is our gender that truly enjoys and appreciates all things luxurious - be they incredibly beautiful homes filled with the most elegant and refined furniture, the finest clothes, the most magnificent spa treatments, dining at the finest restaurants and staying at the most exquisite hotels. Not to mention having laborers and servants to perform all the mundane tasks of life we simply cannot be bothered with. So to go a lifetime deprived of all these things might in fact be too high a price to pay because in essence they are all essential parts of the feminine experience. I have long contended that their is something extremely patrician (be it entirely intrinsic or perhaps dub it *je ne sais quoi*) about femininity; while masculinity utterly reeks of the rabble. To separate a feminine being from luxury, wealth, and pampering is, in some way, to tamper with the natural order of things. Given these conditions, the life of the incredibly rich geek might well be preferable.

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