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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stunning athletic girls

Not surprisingly, the poll question about what type of girl would you want to be leans almost unanimously toward being petite and weak and submissive. Only 2 percent of the votes so far for strong and muscular and dominant.

I'm not surprised that we T-girls would want that. But I was thinking. We probably want to be petite and weak and submissive more so than regular women would. I think many regular women want to be fit and strong (but probably not like a body builder). They want to be more dominant in the home and the workplace. We as T-girls want to be submissive and would change places in a second.

In the poll, I left out fit and beautiful -- like the tennis player Maria Sharapova, who is pictured -- on purpose. (She sure is a tall, athletic and leggy girl!) That was because I bet the great majority of  T-girls and GGs would want to be like her. I know I would. It would be great to be stunning like that. I also wish I was a petite and submissive girl and had a girlfriend that looks like Maria who would make passionately love to me and I would totally submit to her!


tg_captioner said...

most men are tall, large, and somewhat muscular (more so than women, it's just the way it is). We all want what we don't have (grass is greener). that explains why so many T-girls, transvestites, crossdressers don't just wear women's jeans and a blouse, they go all out. Stilettos, fishnet stockings, crinoline, super stylish hair, lots of makeup, etc. etc. etc.

If it were possible (or if we're fantasizing) what type of female body we would want, of course we're always going to choose that which is so very different than our own.

Stevie Stevens said...

So true! I know when I am at home I may wear a short dress, high heels, fishnets, wig, etc. But in my everyday life, I do what you also said. I wear women's versions of anything that I can.

Just yesterday I went to the Target store and I had on short denim shorts and a tank top and flipflops. There were a dozen young GGs in the store that were dressed that way. I didn't even get any looks, shaved tanned legs and all. At least I think I didn't. But who cares. No one noticed me.

That is the way I have dressed since high school. Dressing that way is a way of life for me. Dressing like you said in stilettos and fishnets is way past what I need to do. Some TGs do need to do that.

I just want to be like regular women, not like regular prostitutes!

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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