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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What type of a girl?

You want to be a girl -- or else you would not be reading this, would you? But what type of girl would you want to be?

Would you want to be a girl like the one at right? I know I would! Look how ultra-feminine she is and how it looks as though she would need to be protected by a man or even another woman. If that was me I would be 200 percent submissive to my man or woman. Their constant pleasure would be on my mind and my reward would be them holding me and giving me the security that I need.

I would have to think that we T-girls would want to be as soft and feminine as possible. Because that is what we crave. We may be soft and feminine as T-girls, but that is not the same as being the girl on the right, is it?

Or would you like to be like the bodybuilder at left? Strong and muscular and a match for any man? Or even stronger than many men? If you were the petite girl, you would make a lovely girlfriend for the woman at left, wouldn't you? She would throw you down and have her way with you of course! You know, the thought of being such a feminine and weak and submissive girl is intoxicating. Imagine if even the great majority of women were dominant over you, as well as the manly men!

Take a close look at the bodybuilder though. The thing that struck me is that her pussy lips are so big that they actually look bigger than my little sissy clitty! No kidding! As a T-girl, the bodybuilder would of course be dominant over me! And force me to suckle those big pussy lips!

But which one would you rather be? I'm intentionally leaving out an in-between choice because I think most T-girls would opt for that. So give your opinion one way or the other.

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Sheen V said...

I'd prefer to be the first girl. With that body I could wear much more feminine things.

thisin said...

Funny thing is, though I am not a tgirl, my body type is much like the girl's on the left. This is one of the reasons why I do not live as a girl. Such muscles makes it near impossible to be passable.

SissyLin said...

I would love to be the one on the right, with the one on the left to protect and dominate me.

tg_captioner said...

right of course.. I wouldn't want to be a bodybuilder as male or female, I find veins a little gross. Skin is meant to be smooth and soft, no popping out like it's tired of lifting weights

Stevie Stevens said...

SissyLin: The girl on the left would be protecting and dominating most of us who look in here, wouldn't she!

sissyjaime said...

i wouldn't mind be the girl on the left's gf!!!

samislut said...

i'd like to be the pretty little girl-slave, sucking off the brute on the left.

sweetguy4u said...

Your post turns me on so much. I'd want to be submissive and sexy to my dom or domme. Be in their control making me their slut.

Anonymous said...

that body builders vagina is bigger than my little dick

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