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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gay or straight or what?

Love T-girl and GG girlfriend. Lovely!
Someone asked me if I was gay or straight. I said yes? What I mean is both. Or neither. For a long time I was just darn confused. If you are reading this, you probably grew up the same way.

I, of course, grew up being a sissy boy. Played around with other sissy boys. Then played around with regular boys who liked sissies. When I became a teenager, I was also attracted to girls. But because I was a sissy, they all wanted to be my "close friend," but of course they did not want to date me because I was a sissy. Do you know that feeling?

This went on through college and a bit afterwards. I knew lots of girls in college, even hot cheerleaders and dance team girls, but they wanted to be my "close friend." I mean I was so close with some of these girls that I would pleasure them with my tongue -- with no reciprocation -- even as they had boyfriends. What was funny was one girl kept getting calls from her boyfriend while I was between her legs pleasuring her. But she treated me like a girlfriend. I would do things with these girls, but they were not "dates."

Meanwhile, I had some guy friends that I would pleasure too. And it was without reciprocation with them too. Do you see a pattern here?

It was easy to meet people like me in college because at my big university there were several LGBT groups. But, and you may have noticed this too, most of the hot guys are not looking for a T-girl. The great majority are looking for other hot guys, just like you are.

So I graduated and moved away to take a job. Suddenly my lifeline was not there. So I started going to gay bars in my new town. I didn't go in wearing a dress,  but maybe a pair of short shorts and a tank top. Shaved smooth, smelling girlie. Just like I mentioned that I like to wear still today. I got the impression that I was not welcome there.

This is so nice!
Rarely saw another T-girl in those bars. Just maybe twice. The guys I came across weren't looking for T-girls. Especially relationships with T-girls. They also hurled some insults my way. And I got to see what the gay lifestyle was like and I didn't really want to go there. Funny, I wanted to be a normal girl just like the real girls. What an impossible dream that was!

So anyway I met this women at the place I worked. She liked my sissiness and softness. She actually wanted to go out with me on a real date. She had just come off a relationship where she was abused and I think she was done with "real men." She vowed that that would never happen again. But she was strong-willed, assertive and dominant. I can't believe a guy took advantage of her! And I liked that very much.

So I came to realize that more than anything else I was just plain submissive. Gay. Straight. Both. But definitely submissive. I had, after all, always been that way.

So we ended up getting married. (No, I did not wear a wedding gown. But I wish I had!) I am still a sissy and her girlfriend. Our sex life mostly consists of me giving her lots and lots of oral pleasure, of course, without reciprocation! I do all the housework for her so she can use her time for leisure. She likes to spank and paddle my sissy behind!

I bet a lot of sissies like us end up with dominant women instead of men. Because, like I said, the hot gay guys are looking for other hot gay guys. There are probably more women out there who are happy with a relationship with a T-girl, as opposed to men who just want a BJ but no relationship.

But I still fantasize about men. I fantasize about a lot things: lezzies and masochism as well. But I have actual been loyal to my dominant wife because I probably have been pretty lucky compared to other T-girls. And I like being a T-girl lezzie like the girls in the pictures I posted.

I still always wish that I was a girl!

So what is your situation?


Vickie said...

I like to say, I'm straight, but not on a 2-dimensional plane, but straight on a 3-dimensional sphere. Haha, does that make sense?

Stevie Stevens said...

Makes as much sense as anything. Being a lifelong T-girl, I have always just been plain confused about what I was. It's tough being transgendered, as we all know.

Lady Jane said...

I consider myself a straight women but as a man, I do gravitate toward other men or dominant women. Even lived as a slave to my ex-wife for a short time, but that just didn't feel right.

tg_captioner said...

I like women, and t-girls. I think you can find another t-girl to be with, but an understanding wife (especially one that plays along) can be just as fun.

harri said...

I am definitely a sissy, and I think about sex with men . . . but I don't think I am really sexually attracted to them. (If I was attracted, I think I would have had sex with one by now.)

I think my attraction to men is based on the idea that -- if I have sex with a man and I take the woman's role, I will be a girl. I will be "bitched." After I suck a man and I am fucked, I can no longer be a man.

So, am I gay? I identify as trans and queer.

Stevie Stevens said...

I was just reading an interview with a T-girl porn performer and she said that because of the common violence against T-girls, many are attracted to other T-girls and women. I really can see that.

Stevie Stevens said...

Take a look at the picture directly above and then the one directly at left. One of the girls is not a real girl! Isn't that wonderful!

JamieLin said...

Situation? A guy. A guy who sometimes wears a skirt who looks like a guy in a skirt. Disappointing.

Real situation? Often I think I'm just a pervert. For some reason plain old vanilla sex gets old, and I crave more.

Dream situation? I wanna be a girl because there's half a world of sex I've never experienced and never can until I become a girl.

Real Wish? Somehow to look like some of these tgirls. Hell, I bet there are lots and lots of GG who would trade with those dudes!

Just Real? Truth is I'm pretty content. I play from time to time and mostly get along just fine with what's between my legs AND my ears. . . .

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

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Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

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