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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sister act?

Were you influenced by an older sister? I have to believe I was. Two of them. And add to that a father who had nothing to do with me.

My one sister is seven years older than me. So when I turned 12 or so and really began to form into the person that I am today, she was well into her teens. So I saw her develop right before my eyes and saw what she was wearing and how she and my mom put on their neat underwear and makeup.

And boys would come around to pick her up and take her out on dates and for who knows what else.  But since I was only 6 when she was 13 maybe I did not really get us much influence from my oldest sister as I had thought. Probably did through osmosis though!

But she got married right out of high school and was gone out of the house. I was still only 13 or so. Now, I also have a sister who is just a year older than me. That is where the real influence came from. Like I said, my father had no time for me so I spent time with my mother and especially the sister who is just a year older than me.

We became rivals, of course, but I also was envious of her. It would have been natural to be envious of a sister because they were smart or if they were good at sports or maybe a music instrument. But I was envious of her because she was very pretty and very popular in school. Boys were always showering attention on her. The cutest boys! The most popular and prettiest girls in school were also her best friends. She was always a home room or class officer or an officer in a school club. Then there was me. I was always known throughout school as her "little brother"!

I should have been bitter over that, but I don't ever remember being that way. I just wanted to be like her so much. Not like some great athlete in our school. I wanted to be like my sister. Like a girl. I loved how she got to wear such great clothes and wear bikinis to the pool. And she was so smooth and pretty and always smelled to good. That's what I wanted. I didn't want to be a football player or anything like that. That's for sure!

And when she turned 16 or so and I was still 15, there were always boys coming around to see her. The most popular boys in school. And as I have written previously, I was already "playing house" with my sissy friend and servicing a couple of boys who wanted BJs from us sissies. So I was quite jealous that certain hot boys were going out with my sister!

I am a firm believer that gays and lesbians and T-girls too are born that way, but I also have to think that certain crossroads in life are there to be taken and I have to believe that my envy of my sister pushed me further down the path of being a T-girl.

Did it work out that way for any of you too?


Anonymous said...

Great story! I would have to Agree that my big sister got
me started with the feelings of being girlish. I watched her grow and she still played with me and loved to practice
make up on me. Later in life in college, was always seen as one of the girls in the dorms. It was harmless of course but I was the only guy that they allowed to sleep over and I didint really get why they weren't shy to be in their underwear around me. It wasent until layer that I realized they knew something that I didint. I am so thankful for all of the help and inspiration from girls over the years.

Stevie Stevens said...

I also had many girls in high school and college who wanted me as a "close friend." But they didn't want to date me as a boyfriend. They already had boyfriends. I was more like a girlfriend.

JamieLin said...

Fascinating stuff. I always believed I was influenced by my sister. She was nine years older. So when I was five or six, she was doing the things I'd like to be doing now. I assumed the fact I was at such an impressionable age made me susceptible. I never thought about the immediacy aspect of being so close in age.

In any case, I'd love to hear more. I mean, the stories you must have. I especially would like to hear how the girls sort of cucked you in college.

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