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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Could you just imagine!

An enviable position to be in!
One of my favorite blogs is Cock Festival. You can find the link in my list of blogs below. It features both men and women doing what is the proper thing to do: pleasuring cocks! And often there are picks of just monster dicks by themselves. T-girls like us certainly loved that blog!

They just posted the photo at right, along with some other great ones! And I'm thinking, whoa, could you imagine being that girl about to take a submarine like that up your pussy! That's going to go up into her stomach! She might not be able to walk for a while because that monster is going to press up against her spine! And if it's also going to go up her ass, well, that's another story! She's not going to be able to sit for a week!

Would you want to be in her position? I would! In a second! As a girl or a T-girl! Could you just imagine taking that beautiful manly cock up one of your pussy or ass. A manly man with a massive cock like that is sure to fuck you hard without mercy until he grunts and blows a half-pint of cum into you!

Now that's a girl I wish I could be! That photo made my day!


JamieLin said...

Holy crap, Stevie! Your eyes are bigger than your hooha. Nope, I can't imagine. That's scary.

But I would like to be in that picture. I'd love to lay the wood on and IN Ms. Grey. I've never much been into porn stars, but there's something different about her, I'd jump at the chance to give her a try.

bubblepopmei said...

Jamie's a coward! Wuahahah I want that big beautiful dick inside meee!

I was told tgirls are special, we are built for big men because our boipussies go much deeper than a girl's silly pussy.

What luck!

Amy Apples said...

Oh yes, I so wish that was me!!

Sarah said...

i wish i was instead of that girl.

Andy said...

I would love to pleasure that cock with my mouth!

Billie said...

I would probably cry the whole time that man brutalized me with that cock! My insides would just have to get used to being in serious pain!

Puppetmaster said...

Dows anyone know who this girl is?

bambie said...

i would love to have that up me. mmmmmmmmm. it is gorgeous to behold. mmmmm

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes, Bambie, isn't it amazing that that we yearn to be the girl and be taken by a man like that instead of wanting to be normal males!

bambie said...

it is amazing Stevie that we do not want to be normal males. Better yet, i don't believe i know how to be a normal male. i am not even close to being a normal male. and i do not know why that is but it is.

Stevie Stevens said...

So true! It is not a matter of wanting to be a certain way. This is just the way we are. Like I said before, I never sat down and thought about it and one day decided I was going to go through life girlie. It has not been easy. In fact, it has been very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

My boipussy would love to take that. Makes me want to do nasty things.

bambie said...

also something that big inside my T-girl pussy would be so full. Once he came out i'd still feel like he was in there and that after glow feeling would keep me high for a long time. If there was some pain, for me that would be even better. i need that in me.

Terilyn Bardot said...

Know what? That is SO sexy!! Her, bent low in submission, while he lays his huge cock on her bare buttocks, making her wait in a mixture of rising fear and desire. At first part of her wanted to run, but now it's too late, and she must wait in a low position until he is ready to take his pleasure.

Darlene said...

oh my god i am all wet.see her looks.I want to be there in her place knowing it is just seconds away that he will penetrate me making his woman.i can feel how magnificient it is to be a female

Andrea Kitten said...

just be slow and careful!

Anonymous said...

mmm i could, such a massive cock, who wouldnt want that up thee pussy....teehee

jellybean said...

I think it would scare the HELL out of me, but would love to give it a try up my ass, just use some super good jell. LOL

teri terry said...

My question is would anyone be willing to rise, and ride again, the next morning? Assuming your lucky enough to have him stay the night! I think, I would!

bambie said...

i would take it all the way up and in and deep. i love being used that way by big cocks.

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