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Monday, August 30, 2010

Do you ever feel ashamed?

What I wish I had!
Something to fill it!
Do ever feel somewhat ashamed that you wish you had what is pictured on the left as opposed to what is pictured on the right?

I have felt ashamed at times that I have always wanted to have a pussy like the one pictured. And since that was not about to happen in real life, I have always wanted to be as  feminine and as girlie as possible. But I have always realized that I did not just one day get up in the morning and decide I wanted to have a pussy and be a girl. Like I was deciding what I wanted for lunch that day. No, that desire has always been with me. And I had a need to evolve more and more into femininity.

On the other hand, I have had people try to make me feel shame. Like my father, who really wanted nothing to do with me because I was a sissy and not some macho boy who wanted to play football and hunt. Like the bully boys in school who would hurl insults at me.

But I got through all of that. I still have the same desire to be a girl or at least be girlie. And I have never ever felt that God made a mistake with me. Never felt bitter.  I just think that I am special, along with other T-girls. Don't you agree?


SxyTVinyl said...

I feel shame these days only in that I haven't used my cock to pleasure a woman in well over a year now, preferring instead to masturbate over fashion images. Here, however, I must declare; these pix you selected as representational are gems. I believe I'm coming full circle through the whole fetish maze in the sense that just looking at the genitalia right here and now seems quite fascinating again. Opens up the whole existential dilemna contemplating the strange assigments of parts to each of us---why do we get just one or the other? And somehow we're to construct a whole identity that either supports or contradicts this organ!

Stevie Stevens said...

There are times -- and this dates back to junior high school -- when I will be at a football game that has cheerleaders, mostly the college and high school games.

And I have always found myself not really interested in the game, but interested in the cheerleaders. Not envious of the players, but envious of the cheerleaders. If if wasn't so natural for me, you would think that was a bit odd, wouldn't you. Well, some people around me sure thought it was odd.

Anonymous said...

Not ashamed just frustrated that it will never be.

Sissy Slut Michelle said...

not ashamed, how could you be ? the photo on the right is ugly the photo on the right is wonderful.

Caitlin Jones said...

I'm ashamed I can't pleasure my girlfriend Charlotte as she would like. The pic on the right will never be possible for someone like me. Charlotte knows I'm a sissy and if anything is steering me towards the pic on the left.

In short, yes. I feel ashamed that deep down I need a pussy. I need to be a woman. Ashamed I can't please my woman. Ashamed that she stays with me and helps me. Ashamed I can't be the MAN she deserves.

And yes, despite all this, I agree. You are special.


Stevie Stevens said...


Surely you are talented with your tongue! My mistress gets the greatest pleasure from my tongue. I could never get her off with my little thing and it has gotten limper through the years. But boy she loves that oral worship! And that is why she keeps me!

harri said...

I guess I don't feel shame about my body. I don't like it much, but my feeling isn't shame. (Maybe, if my boi clit was as large as the penis in that picture!)

I feel shame because I can't pass! I don't think I am ever going to be passable female (or a passable male.)

I need to be comfortable with my gender. (Or lack thereof.)

I need to be gender queer and proud.

I just read Trans Gender Warriors. I don't know if it is historically correct, but the spirit is sooooo right. I need to connect with that spirit my life.

Stevie Stevens said...

Yea I'm not going to pass either, at least not without a lot of work! Lots of makeup and a good wig and probably sunglasses!

But I have gone around as a sissy for like forever, wearing female clothing that I can get away with and never shying away from displaying my shaved legs in public.

But that is just me. And it's easier to do that now that it used to be, isn't it?

greenhawk46 said...

I think you're lovely, think of it as a long clit, it's easier to get to than a vagina too, btw-t-girls are hot xxxx Jim

harri said...


If I can to going out in my girl's t-shirts, daisy dukes (showing my shaved legs), and a touch of make-up.

I think I can live happily with that.


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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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