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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Girl I wish I could be: Sung Hi Lee

I have wanted to be this Korean beauty for some time now. Like Linda O'Neil, she had been all over the Internet but nothing of her lately as far as I can see. Doesn't anyone know about that?

But anyway, I just love her. And Asian girls in general are just so gorgeous. And that includes the Asian ladyboys as well, who are just fabulous and I would want to be one any day. What sissy wouldn't?

But Sung Hi Lee is pretty much perfect and I have envied her for her beauty so much!

If you are reading this, then of course you know how hard it is to have gone through life and surely still wish you could be a girl like this. Every day when I see a beautiful woman or upper teen girl in person or on TV, I wish that I could be like them. And as you know, since the great, great majority of us cannot change the way we are, it is very frustrating. So we have to be content to go through life as T-Girls and sissies. But you know, for me, that is better than not having and displaying our feminine side at all. Do you agree?


Happy pet said...

i couldn't agree more Stevie.


JamieLin said...

Oh my! Yes, she's gorgeous. Once upon a time I had a book of Playboy lingerie in which she appeared. Although she wasn't wearing any. She was naked in a tub. In fact, the hat is the most clothes I've ever seen her wear. Gotta love a girl like that.

Hmmmm. I don't think I've ever fantasized about being an Asian girl. At first it occurred to me that maybe it's because I've never had intercourse with an Asian woman. I blew that one chance with Tara. But then I realized I've never thought about being any other race either. So that doesn't explain it? Or course, in truth I don't really spend all that much time dreaming the impossible.

A little confession--I never wanted to be Ms. Sung, but I've wanted to do her many, many times. I love it when bloggers post pictures of former errrrr "partners." Kind of like an ex making a booty call.

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