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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Did you want to be a cheerleader?

Let's go boys!
Boy, I sure did. Starting even in grade school, I would go to my high school's basketball and football games at its big stadium or gym but I would sit in front of the cheerleaders and watch them and cheer along with them. I would look up at the game only if something happened that was exciting.

When I turned 13 and started junior high school, my school had its own sports teams and cheerleaders. And of course I got to see these girls around the school. On game days, they got to wear their cheerleading outfits around school all day and the football players got to wear their game jerseys.  But of course my eyes were on the cheerleaders. They were for the most part the hottest and most popular girls in school and I was so envious. I wanted to be just like them.
What sissy wouldn't want to do this!

I actually had friends in junior high, senior high and college who were cheerleaders and I just adored them and being around them.

I still adore cheerleaders to this day. High school cheerleaders look a bit young, well a lot young, so I don't want to be a pervert. I don't ogle them.  Pro cheerleaders: well, I would change places with them in a second, but they are not really cheerleaders. They are more like exotic dancers!

But I love the college cheerleaders, the ones maybe age 18 to 22. I would love to be a pretty girl in that age group, wouldn't you. And what sissy would not want to be a cheerleader and get all that attention, not to mention all the hot guys who would want to be with you.

Wait! These are very special cheerleaders!


chrissie25atl said...

Awesome post! I have wanted to be a cheerleader all my life and have always been so envious of them, with their cute skirts, smooth legs, great smiles and sexy curves....must be so great for all those guys to be watching and wanting them......if only....

tg_captioner said...

I like the idea of a uniform, and the cheerleaders were usually the prettier ones, but they were also typically the more snobby mean ones, so I would say probably not

susanrhodes said...

cheerleaders rule!!

JamieLin said...

No. If I did, I didn't realize it. The dreams were different then. I wanted to be with them. I wanted them to want me. I wanted everyone to know they wanted me.

Believe it or not, I finally came into my own Senior year and dated a couple cheerleaders, although they were not from the ultra-elite squad and never made it past third-base with either. Pom-pon girls were where it was really at and I never got a sniff!

You're dead on about pro-cheerleaders. More traditional College girls are often hot and still plenty are cute, but university cheerleading doesn't have the clique aspect that makes high school so appealing. Feminine power. Isn't that what the dream is really all about?

No doubt this is a lot more information than you're looking for, but one last thought. While it never occurred to me, during Friday night dress up that I practiced ritually during my youth, I would have loved to have had one of their uniforms, for sure. To this day I have a fetish for red and white saddle shoes.

harri said...

I soooo wanted to be cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!!!

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