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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't you wish you could be pregnant!

The other day, when I was toiling away at my office, the young lady sitting next to me in our row of desks had about a half-dozen women gathered around her. They were all smiling and giggling. I just had to slide my chair closer to see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, the young lady had just announced that she was pregnant! She was so happy! And all the other girls were so happy for her! I was so happy for her too! And I was so envious too!

I have always wanted to be pregnant and give birth and nurse a baby! Anyone else reading here feel that way? I have that feminine instinct, of course, but I guess I also have that maternal instinct too. I believe I would have made a very good mother!

But, getting back to the young lady: She was just bubbling over with happiness. And although she was not starting to show yet in the belly, I did notice -- because she was wearing a very low-cut top -- that she was already starting to grow up top. That would be so great too: To have your breasts grow and fill with milk to be given to your baby

I remember when my mistress was pregnant. She was like a "succulent peach," I would tell her! And I would tell her how much I envied her and always asked her what it was like and what she was going through.

It is funny though: Many women say, "You never would want to be pregnant, it is so awful." But for guys who wish they were girls, they would take those pregnancy hassles in a second if they could be a woman. I am correct on that?

But just look at those beautiful pregnant girls! Wouldn't it be great to experience that!


Sarah said...

Like all the girls , I wish I could be a mother ,How much I like to become pregnant, how much it’s beautiful to wait for a baby for nine months, how much it’s lovely to see my baby suck my milk. How much it’s sweetie to feed my baby just with my own breasts. Even how much it’s nice to change my baby diaper, learn to walk, talk, and play that’s interesting and will excite me for ever, because I had done some these works before when my sisters were only babies.

tg_captioner said...

I don't like attention, at least not for something like that (millions of women get pregnant every year). Also, if I was really pregnant, I think the only thing I could think about was the delivery for 9 months, all that pain.

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes but wouldn't you trade the hassles of being pregnant with the fact that you were pregnant because you were a girl!

cynthia jean said...

Getting pregnant would be the another experience that I would want to have. Having a man deposit his seed in me and having it match up with one of my female eggs and create a life inside of my body. I think it would be the ultimate experience feeling it grow inside of me and watch all of the changes in my body that would take place. Being able to give birth to my child. Being able to produce milk in my own breasts and watch the child's face as he suckles my nipples to drink my milk. Yes I would love to become pregnant.

Stevie Stevens said...

Oh my Cynthia Jean! You said it so well! Women are just so fortunate to experience giving birth and nursing a baby, hassles and all.

As far as that goes, I would love to have a period everything month too if that meant I could be a woman! Some women just bitch and moan about their dreaded "time of month!" I would love to have to deal with that!

cynthia jean said...


Yes having a period would be wonderful, I would trade my little clitty for pussy any day, it it were possible. I would welcome that part of being a woman also. I have set up a calendar so that I am on a 28 day cycle and use a tampon for 5 days ever 28 days. Just another part of trying to be more feminine. I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

Kammi said...

For me, it starts with being a bride in a beautiful white gown and sexy lingerie underneath.

On my wedding night, my husband takes my virginity. He "plows my field" and shoots his sperm deep inside me and makes me pregnant.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

As much as I like dressing as a girl and wished I had a pussy the one thing I would never want to be is pregnant. I just don't think I can have a baby

LaurieJean Becker said...

Yes! And my sister knows it. She's had three and I've been there for all of them :)

Stevie Stevens said...

LauraJean, did you help your sister care for the babies? I have always enjoyed doing such things, even when I babysat as a sissy teen! I know I would have made such a great mother because I am such a great T-girl caregiver!

LaurieJean Becker said...

Yes I did, and still do. Her youngest even tried breast feeding from me, though was upset (as was I) when there was nothing there.

And I am not "Uncle" I am their Aunt Laurie, :)

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