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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A serious post today

Putting fantasies and wishes aside today:

I get so pissed off when I read these constant reports of bullying of gays and lesbians and the transgendered. Don't you?

And so many of these cases are ending tragically. I bet just as many ended tragically before, but now we are hearing about them a lot more.

I heard someone on TV say today that bullying currently is at a more intense level for kids than many of us older people have experienced because of the Internet and cell phones, social networking and webcams, etc. Boy that is so true!

What is the matter with people? I hope they prosecute these bullies to the fullest. Let these young people sit in an adult prison for few years. Do you think they will get their turns to be bullied there?

When I was growing up, the abuse was mostly verbal. I wish I had a dollar for every time I was called a pussy. One time a couple of jerks pulled my pants down to show that I was wearing panties. If that was their way of getting their jollies, they were a sorrier case than I ever was.

The other thing that bothers me is gays and lesbians in the military. I can't believe there is so much animosity toward them. And those Republicans congressmen are so nasty in opposing them. And then there are those religious fanatics who hate gays but run around on their wives. Or even have affairs with gays!

But the bottom line for me is this: If we have people in the military who are so afraid of taking a shower with a gay or lesbian, then how are they going to do when they are up against the Taliban or al-Qaida, the real threats? It just doesn't make any sense!


bubblepopmei said...

Bill Mahr noticed that the US Military doesn't have a problem with fighting alongside the gays of British, Canadian, European, or other armies, they only don't like fighting alongside their own.

In terms of bullying, its everywhere, but in my experiences the worst bullies are TG.

I'm afraid of the TG community, and it appears this is common. My experiences first hand have been almost exclusively bad. In person I have been ignored, spoken down to, scrutinized and judged 'unworthy'.

Online I have been bullied for not being an activist.

I went to laura's playground for the first time two days ago, and watched, flabbergasted, as a girl was bullied by the entire room, including staff. I asked if she was ok. She said no. I asked if she wanted to speak to staff, and she said it wouldn't matter.

When I was asking my own questions there yesterday and that first day, I was ignored or lectured. They were absolutely certain they knew me better than I knew myself, and their assessment, profound as it was after only a few moments and barely any dialogue, was that I was impatient and lacking character.

I will admit that since I am only now seeking to become a woman, I have avoided a lot of bullying in schools, though I was teased mercilessly when I hit puberty and developed breasts. It doesn't matter to me though, because the real problem is that the 'support' of the TG community isn't there for so many of us. The very people who claim to care, and want to help, are bullying us with their holier than thou attitudes.

Stevie Stevens said...

Sorry that you have had bad experiences with the TG community. I have seen some of what you are talking about though. I too have asked questions or brought up topics at some of these TG forums and have pretty much been called stupid. And yes, some of these T-girls do come off as holier than thou.

I am, I believe, legitimately transgendered. I grew up that way and have been that way even before I put on my first pair of panties. In fact, as I have stated in this blog, I don't go around in public in a dress and wig and 4 inch heels. I don't need to do that to be what I feel like inside. I wear fem clothes, sure, but things I can easily wear in public -- without a wig.

What I mean is, it is not a huge secret with me, never has been. I have never been an activist either; I have always tried to keep my TG feelings pretty much to myself.

tg_captioner said...

you know you would think with the intenet / cameraphones, that bullying would actually be lower? I mean think about it, if I'm teased, all I have to do is film them and put them on the internet (flip it around and embarrass them), or send the video to the principal.

Also with the anti gay bashing laws we have in effect in most of the country, if a TG person gets beat up, that person could be prosecuted for it.

I think the gender barriers are blurring more than before, and a lot of straight arrow guys are getting confused, and as a result angry and hostile.

Anonymous said...

It goes way deeper than the sexual component. Being ex-military its not so much a question of being afraid of gays as it is of gays being afraid to fight. I have nothing against being gay or lesbian, but I want someone I can depend on to fight and kill the enemy, not someone thats going to break down in tears and cry at the first bullet that comes their way. The Military is not a social welfare org., its there to protect your rights and to be whatever you want to be.

Anonymous said...

I'm current military now but I'm in the navy so I'm not to worried. I'm a sissy and. I hate being around all those hateful people
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