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Monday, October 18, 2010

They sent me the wrong coupon!

I got this coupon in the mail the other day! Well, at least someone out there thinks I'm a girl! My name was on the outside! I don't know where they got it, actually.

But really, they sent me the wrong coupon! I have never used tampons! I am more of a maxipad girl girl! I have been using maxipads ever since I "borrowed" my mom's as a young teen!

My mother used the belt and what they call "hospital pads." They have the extra long tabs that you clip onto the belt as you probably know. I was able to find one of those belts on eBay. And the pads are rare but found in an good drug store.

Sometimes I do my housework wearing only the belt and pad and high heels! (And believe me, I am tiny enough that I do not slip out from behind the pad!)

But usually I like a nice warm Kotex maxipad in panties! Hopefully they will send me some nice coupons!


Sharon said...

Try them you may like them, I can't begin to tell you how many packs I have gone through. I also use feminine douche.

wannabefemale said...

i love tampons stevie, try two in your lady hole, leave them in all day too, it feels great!

Stevie Stevens said...

Well then, I will have to try it sometime. But how do you get them in? And are they safe to use in your sissy pussy?

Ariannami said...

I absolutely love your blog! Keep it up! "kindred spirits" :-)

sissydoll said...

I love tampons too! To walk around the house with the little pull out string hanging from between your legs. Makes you feel really femenine.
I use the applicator with a little lubricant.

Helen Smith said...

I mix red food coloring with water and freeze it and use like a suppository to simulate cramps and to add the visual element. Talk about tingly!

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