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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't you wish you could breast feed!

I love those captioned photos! Especially the ones where there is a curse involved but the transformed girl doesn't want the curse to end because it would be so nice to remain a girl!

This new girl loves breastfeeding so much and being a mommy so much that she does not want to turn back! That would be me, of course! Would that be you too?

Thanks to Daddy Feminization for the great photo and caption! It is a wonderful blog for sissies!Oh and it's now Boyfriend Feminization!


dark heathyr said...

Sweet and erotic . . . I love it.

Sara said...

It's the continuation of a pregnancy,share moments with the baby you was caying in your belly.

Stevie Stevens said...

I have always had maternal instincts! I have always been good with babies and little kids! I used to be called to babysit by relatives and neighbors, who could have called any one of the neighborhood real girls! I did such a good job with their little ones that they kept calling me back! So, do I wish I could breast feed? You are darn right and I would be well suited for it!

Karen said...

I have a fantasy that I, as a guy, babysit, and instead of a pacifier I offer the baby my nipples - and in response I start growing breasts, which at first I hide by binding them - eventually I lactate and nurse the baby, one day I get caught but as the mother has no milk and my milk is better than formula, I'm put in charge of nursing the baby, which feminizes my body until I'm ready to get pregnant myself...

Stevie Stevens said...

Wonderful fantasy Karen! I have always wanted to be pregnant, have babies, nurse them and raise them!

Karen said...

Breastfeeding is the ultimate feminization - it means a man has put his seed in you, you've carried his baby inside your uterus, and finally you're going to feed it with your own milk, it's like the icing on the cake.

Sara said...

Karen, that is an amazing fantasy! I'd totally love for that to happen to me.

Karen said...

Just to add about my fantasy - when I get caught, of course I want to continue, but I pretend I don't and am 'persuaded' as it is my duty for the sake of the baby, and I'd 'reluctantly' agree. As my breasts grew, I'd have no choice but to start wearing bras for comfort, and so forth.

darlene porter said...

I wish I had my very own pair of large grapefruit sized breasts with silver dollar sized brown areolas and nipples like half tootsyrolls andwas full of milk . With my hungry to feed a4or5 times a day. That is soo femininine!

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