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Monday, April 28, 2014

Wanted to have sex as a girl!

Take a guess where I wanted to be!
When I was 12 or 13 years old, I did not know what it meant to be "gay." Can you identify with that?

All I knew at that time was that I was not like the other boys and that I wanted to dress like the girls -- especially my two older sisters -- and do the things that girls did.

When my sisters brought boyfriends around to our house, I was quite envious!

Still, I did not know the definition of being gay -- or at that time what was more likely to be call "homo."

So when I say that I fantasized about being with strong men, it was not as a boy .... but as a girl or a sissy. Does that make any sense.?

To this day, I am not really into two men having masculine gay sex. That is great for them though! But for me, one partner has to be feminine and submissive! And also denied! I do not like T-girl porn in which she has to cum! I just don't. To me, a T-girl submits to her man or woman and her orgasm is not a factor. It is only their partner's pleasure that counts! But actually, don't T-girls get their pleasure from submitting and GIVING orgasms!


Anonymous said...

Been there done that. Had a BF for a while and it was just grand, I am married now and a fanatic about fidelity. Once in a while I do re-cycle the experiences in my head. I love being sissy to my wife and pleasing her as I did my Black Bf

chrissie25atl said...

Makes perfect sense. I also want to be that soft feminine girl lying underneath a big strong hard masculine man and open my legs to feel his manhood slide into my pussy.

blossom said...

Agree. I don't see myself as male. So the idea of m/m sex isn't for me. I am more of a delicate flower. I imagine a man treating me as his sissy cockwhore. I want him to lift my nightgown and go down on me but I don't want him to take my clitty in his mouth as it would make me feel too much like a man. I want to go down on him and swallow his rod, taste his seed. I want him to spread my legs, lube me up and take me deep in long slow loving strokes.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is such an inspiration. I also wanted to be the girl on the bottom, panting, legs spread, with a hard, masculine man...

ashley kate said...

Yes, exactly! At least one person has to be fem and sub, preferably me =)

sissydoll said...

Beautiful photo...Makes me wish so much to be a woman. To feel his manhood filling me up inside.

Anonymous said...

I am totally the woman in this scene. I want to be deeply penetrated until he shoots all he has inside of me. The only problem I have is the kissing. I cant get myself over the m/m thing.

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes but if you are a T-girl you would have lipstick on and you would be kissing him like a girl!

Anonymous said...

The only way I can be fully a woman is for me to spread my legs in sweet surrender and be penetrated by a real man. Afterwards, the stckiness running down my legs is such a fulfilling feeling.

Anonymous said...

I fantasize dressing up with stockings, high heels all in pink while a strong black man with a massive cock the size of my favorite toy Bam penetrates me doggie style and another black man shoves his cock in my mouth while I'm wearing a tight cockring unable to maturbate. Ultimately, waiting for both men to cum and shoot their load feminizing me more and more on a daily morning and afternoon sessions

Stevie Stevens said...

Wow! That's a fantasy many of us share, I am sure!

Anonymous said...

I would love be dressed with a tiny pink skirt, stockings, high heels and a leather collar. Then to be double penetrated when my cock is restrained by a cock ring attached and tied from two strings long enough to reach around my two black lover's waist so when one moves his waist while humping me, like a slut whore cum eating bitch that I am doggie style, he simultaneously pulls hard on my sissy dick. Then have the other also penetrate me and hump me from below and pull my faggot dick in the other direction and continue to feminize me every day. (just call me sissy bitch)

sissydoll said...

Another thing I love as the feminine sissy that I am is to be "Seduced". I love pleasing my man in every way possible but... I don´t know... I guess the woman in me also loves the feeling of being seduced by her man...To have him surprise me with sexy things to wear for him, get flowers, feeling his soft manhood resting between my wet crack as we spoon after he´s filled me up with his seed . Am I too romantic for a sissy?

Anonymous said...

when i sleep with a guy i imagine myself as a woman, but afterwards i feel so ashamed. i do love the fact i can please a man as a woman would though

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful picture. I too would love to be her under such a sexy muscled hunk!

Terilyn Bardot said...

The first time a man made love to me it was just like that. I was 14 and it was with my mom's boyfriend. I was wearing my mom's heels and lipstick and he caught me. Instead of being mad he praised me and we ended up making love in my mom's bed. He was my first man.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you read my mind. The two gentlemen of color working to feminise me with repeated penetration day and night until I'm litterally begging for it. Why has my fairy godmother foresaken me? I was never meant to be a man. I am as much a woman in my mind than any female alive. I want to know sex as a woman soooo bad. I've had three different men ready to make my dream come true this year, but I chicken out at the last minute. I worry that they will hurt me, out me or worse....
I just want to feel him thrust up inside of me and do what boys do until he makes a big sticky mess between my legs. I would be in heaven as he spoons with me, his sticky shaft rubbing up against my bottom until he's ready to go for round two! HELP me please

Anonymous said...

OMG what is sooo incredibly exciting about being female is the chase!!! The fact that the male wants you sooo incredibly desperately and that you are like on his mind every second of the day. This is where teasing comes in and can be sooo incredibly fun for a girl. The big, brawny male is now like total putty in your hands! There are all sorts of things you can do to him to make him totally crazy and want you even more. When you finally do let him inside you, he feels like he has "conquered" you, but it is like sooo totally the other way around! Yet another reason why it is much more fun to be female!

jellybean said...

Very super sexy and pretty picture. Yes, of course, I would want to be the super pretty lady on the bottom making love to this hunk.....wouldn't we all?

teri terry said...

This is so me! I love to be on the bottom, just like the girl in this pic! I get so aroused by my lover pressing their weight down on me, you know down low! Doggie style, may be easier, but it seems no where near, as feminine, as laying on my back looking down at him or her! Penetration is so much different in this position!

I feel this is a much more submissive position and I love it! I even wonder, what or if real women would like to see me getting it like this!

I love being pounded hard, especially on those wonderful occasions (which are becoming more frequent) when my sissy cock just explodes all over me down there! This is so awesome, because most times this happens, I don't even have an erection! Seems so right to me! This is almost the only way, I want to sex anymore!


Darlene said...

I am the lady at the bottom of course. yes teri i agree this is much more feminine, accepting and receiving your man opening your legs and offering yourself,taking him in, becoming his woman. except times i want some anmal action mostly this is my favorite way of making love to my men

LaurieJean Becker said...

The lady on the bottom of course! I love having my legs crossed behind his neck and feeling him inside me. It could only be better if I had a pussy to please him.

LaurieJean Becker said...

The Lady on bottom of course, or doggy. Whatever pleases my man! With any luck by next year I will be able to offer him my anus or my pussy! Just as long as I can still please him with my lips and mouth!

But being completely and totally submissive to his wants and needs is what a true lady is all about!

Nancy Lewis said...

Giving pleasure is the essence of my persona. I dream about being a desirable transwoman who provides total satisfaction to a man who cares about me.

I also have a desire to be in a Female Led Relationship with a woman I can please.

Nancy Lewis said...

I returned to te-read these posts. Looking at the image of the man penetrating the woman gives me such strong feelings about how fortunate gender girls are.

The emotion and feelings of being desired by a man is overwhelming for me.

My need to be a woman being filled by a man who must penetrate me and thrust in and out until he achieves orgasm is magnificent.

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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