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Monday, January 3, 2011

Wouldn't you love to carry a baby?

I love this drawing! Could you imagine carrying around a baby like that! I have always been envious of pregnant women!

The fact they are carrying around a life like that and they bring it into the world is just so miraculous and so astounding. I regret that I am missing out on that.

And don't forget the fact that a man -- probably one that you are in love with -- has put his seed inside of you to start that whole process!

Just another reason that I have always wanted to be a girl!


chrissie25atl said...

I agree so very much. To me, pregnacy is the ultimate essense of femininity. To accept your man's masculine seed and then have it blend with your girlish egg and grow inside your tummy is the most wonderful thing in the world. I cannot pass a pregnant woman anywhere without wishing I was experiencing that wonder of nature......chrissie

cognac! said...

i can only think of one way, no make that two ways that i would rather have a man or woman inside me...

Lisa said...

It will always be my dream! I truly want to have a baby of my own and I know it will never happen--probably one of the biggest disappointments of my life

Lizabeth said...

Yes! Taking a "Real Man's" virile and manly seed and to be an impregnated woman is my dream. Walking around with that swollen belly that shows the world who your "real" Daddy is would be so sexy!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I have to agree with Lizabeth, the whole world knowing you've been impregnated by your man, whew that's hot. Big milky titties would be nice too!

Vickie said...

Hmmmm, I admit I've never thought of pregnancy as sexy before. I've always imagined it as ridiculously uncomfortable. But now I'm going to agree with Lizabeth and say, it could feel very sexy to show the world how someone else 'owns' you.

Stevie Stevens said...

I guess I never thought of it as sexy either. I know it can be quite uncomfortable -- just like having a period -- but if those were the tradeoffs for being a girl, well, I would take those terms any day of the week!

Sarah St. Claire said...

I agree! Being able to carry a baby is one of the things that I envy GGs the most. One of the other things I envy GGs the most having milk-filled breasts.

Josie T-girl said...

I agree ... 1,000 per cent. I have always know I was a girl, a woman. Likewise I have always wanted to have a bay. Conceive, carry to term, give birth and raise with love my and my lovers baby. To me it is the most wonderful part of life.

Cynthia said...

Having a baby growing inside of you would be so wonderful. Oh yes experiencing pregnancy would be a beautiful thing. That is something a woman can do that we can't experience. There is nothing like a woman that is blessed with a child growing in her. To be able to just lay back and let your lover enter you and deposit his seed in you as a he does in a real woman must be the ultimate in being a woman. I also love how beautiful a woman looks when she is with child. It would be the greatest gift I could receive to be able to experience pregnancy and then actually giving birth to child and have him or her nursing on you. Watching them grow and knowing that he got you pregnant, but you gave the child life.

Sara said...

I'd love to... Giving birth is for me the most beautiful thing on earth. Share 9 month with an human being who's growing up in MY belly, it's so wonderful...

Darlene said...

I cant agree more.dream of having a uterus, being impregnated makes me aroused beyond any is the ultimate joy of being a woman, utmost level of feminity.when I lay back, spread my legs and watch my man closing on me with his penis hard and erect to enter me, some part of me feels that something is missing, I dont have a uterus to host my mans seed.that is really sad.having a miracle in my arms after 9 months plus showing everyone around that u are a perfectly functioning female is a dream that haunts me every single day.

Karen said...

Yes, I'd love to get pregnant - and not know who the father was. Not know what the baby would look like. The best part, though, would be to feel my breasts swell with milk, and then to nurse the baby.
Or on second thought, being a married woman - my husband doesn't use condoms, I'm not allowed contraception, and except for a few days after childbirth we have sex every day, so that I'm basically nursing or pregnant all the time.

Stevie Stevens said...

Karen: I have always envied stay-at-home moms, the gals whose sole function is to take care of their men and houses and have their men's babies. (Like my own mother did!)

Now I also have great respect for strong and assertive women, but that is not what I personally would want to be. I think I would have made a really great stay-at-home mom!

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