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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is it your time of month!

Is anyone else having a sissy period this week? I have been using Playtex Gentle Glide tampons in my girlie behind! It is so nice to at least emulate a girl, if you know what I mean!

And the feeling of fullness that it gives you all day is a great reminder of what girlies we are inside! I mean, what kind of real male uses a tampon! I would guess that it is not very many at all!

Then again we are not real males! We are maybe half male, half female. Or leading more toward female for some of us. Maybe males -- almost -- physically, but females -- almost -- mentally.

Still, it is not the same as having a real menstrual period, which I'm sure most of us sissy T-girls wish we could experience.

So I ask you, wouldn't you love to have a messy menstrual period every month if you could have a pussy like Alexa pictured above? Don't you just envy her for having body like that! Those perfect legs and those perky natural titties! I know I sure do!

Of course I know what you will answer or else you would not be reading this blog! But I would like for you to comment!


Maxine said...

Realistically, I don't doubt that having a menstrual cycle is every bit as much of a drag as GG's complain that it is. But it's part of being a woman, and being a woman who is capable of carrying a man's baby would be entirely worth it. If I had cramps, bloating, heavy bleeding that meant constantly changing my pad/tampon, etc., sure, I'd probably complain to my girlfriends. But not for a second would I wish I didn't have a cycle at all, and I certainly wouldn't want to be a man.

Anonymous said...

I am with both of you. I have always wished and dreamt that I could have a period understanding that it would be uncomfortable but it would affirm my womanhood

Cynthia said...

I would gladly trade my tiny penis for a beautiful vagina, and endure all of the pains of being a full fledged woman. Yes including childbirth. To be able to bring life into this world as difficult a place as it is now, would be the most beautiful gift. Since that is not possible at this time, I would settle for wearing a tampon a few days a month in my male pussy. It does feel wonderful and makes me feel full.

sissy heathyr said...

And here I thought I was the only one who scheduled a sissy period (giggle). I've been doing that for years, and just the ritual alone helps me to feel more feminine . . . plus, shopping for tampons and comparing brands in the store is a wonderfully embarssing thrill.

Sharon said...

I with you all, I use feminine douche , tampons and premenstrual medicine. Lately I have been taken some herbal hormones for hot flashes. I have notice that I am not as stressed as I was before I started taking them and I still dress as a woman whenever I get the chance to.

Slutty Laura TV said...

I don't use any of these products yet, but it sounds very feminine. Perhaps I should try it...

Of course, I would love to trade and become a woman with a monthly period!

Anonymous said...

I usually wear a tampon after an enema just in case there is still some water left in me. And yes, I wear Playtex Ultra Glides, too!

Sarah St. Claire said...

I love tampons... simply adore them! And like you other sissies, I would gladly put up with the discomfort of having a period.

Anonymous said...

I agee with everyone here. I would most definitely love to have a monthly period being a woman. Yes I would put up with the cramps, the heavy flow days and having to keep excusing myself to the bathroom taking my purse while everyone would know that I would most likely be needing to change my pad. I am sure I would be doing it with the thought each month that I was a real woman, now pass the chocolates too, lol

Sharon said...

I just had to add this I enjoy buying my douche, pads, tampons and other feminine products in drab but under-dressed with feminine attire. Here in the near future I would like to walk in there completely dressed as a woman I buy those things.

jellybean said...

I have a teeeenie tineeee clit so smal that if I tried to pee standing up, I would never find it, so I sit 250% of the time. I love it being small and wish that I could have a period.
In reality, I wish that I could get rid of my peepee and balls so that I can wear my feminine pad easier.

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