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Monday, February 7, 2011

Repost on wanting to be a lesbian

I would be willing to be that if you are reading this, you are probably not totally gay. You probably grew up bisexual like I did. You are probably actually submissive to everyone, like I have always been. You may have not embraced the gay lifestyle like I did not. And you probably actually have a mistress like I do. So I am reposting this entry from my other blog: T-Girls Who Wish They Were Lesbians:

When I was in college, I was good girlfriend to both girls and guys! Of course, the guys did not want to go steady with me -- they just wanted blowjobs!

The girls did not want to go steady with me either. But get this! A lot of the girls were like the guys -- they wanted oral sex!

When I was in college -- and this was true in high school too -- the girls just loved me! In college especially, they wanted to be my close friend. They wanted to do stuff with me. They would have me up in their dorm rooms or apartments. They would talk with me and tell me their secrets. Just like I was their girlfriend! Some even had steady boyfriends at the time and they would constantly talk to me about them.

But in those four years, did any girl actually want to date me or go steady with me? No way! As a sissy and not a real guy, they treated me like one of their girlfriends. I was of course still struggling with being so different, but I guess there were a lot of fringe benefits in being a sissy girlfriend.

For instance, the head cheerleader was my close friend. And through her, I hung out with some of the other hot cheerleaders!

And what was great was that these hot girls would want to have me around. And we became really close because of how I treated them! They would have me over to their room and we would talk -- like I said, sometimes about boys and even the girls' boyfriends -- and I would start by giving them a nice nakie massage.

This would lead to hugging and kissing. And I would lick their pussies until they were in great ecstasy! If they wanted it again, I would do it again! And then we would kiss and hug some more and then just cuddle nakie and talk! And that's how it would end, until we got together next time!

But would these girls date me or go steady with me? Like I said, no way! I did not even get any return oral, but that was OK with me. Most of the time I kept on my panties anyway. And they certainly did not want me to screw them, even if I was in to that, which I was not.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I found a series of pictures that show what took place. I would have been like the girl with the streaks in her hair!


KIRCEDES said...

i only wish i was as brave and faced my truth while i was in college. I had plenty of Galfriends who i rubbed and massaged and heard their secrets. Never did it become sexual and i could not admit i was such a sissy then....

Stevie Stevens said...

Oh yes! So true about the secrets! I had girls tell me about the guys who were putting their cocks right in there where I was licking! One time I was licking a girl and her boyfriend called her and she actually took the call!

Maxine said...

These photos are so lovely. Kissing a girl as a woman and going down on her is so beautiful, but it's hard to imagine doing so as a man. Although it's very sexy and even comforting, there's nothing like being held in the safety and security of a man's big strong arms and laying my head on his muscular chest. Other women are soft and they understand us, hence the comfort, and it's something I would probably always desire on some level. Their flavor, their smell, so familiar, like a fond memory you love to revisit from time to time. But there's nothing like a man ...

maggie said...

It would have been so much easier if I had faced the truth about my sexuality in college. But that would have taken a lot of maturity and I was anything but mature back then so I did it the hard way.

By the time I came out I was in tumotulous marriage and my life was a mess. It was a good thing in the sense that it forced me into getting into some desperately needed counseling but by that time it was too late for our relationship. We tried but even a great marriage counseler couldn't save our marriage. We even tried to have a lesbian relationship but that was unfair to her, she needed a real man and didn't look at me as one, and as it turns out I needed one too. So here I am but I look at myself as being more bisexual then gay. Though I am quite sexually active with men I would still not rule out having a lesbian relationship with the right woman.

Stevie Stevens said...

Those of us who have a mistress and one who lets us be girlie and lets us take our proper spot between their legs or under their ass should consider ourselves so lucky!

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

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