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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I wish I were Miss March!

Have you seen Ashley Mattingly! Playboy's Miss March! So incredibly gorgeous and perfect!

Since my issue arrived a week ago I have been dreaming of being her every night! Wishing that I could wake up looking like that! Obviously she is just about as gorgeous as a girl could possible be!

And that's always been the sort of girl I wish I could be. I've never wished that I could be an ordinary girl. I have always wished I were a girl resembling a Playmate, a Penthouse Pet or a porn star!
I have been getting Playboy since I was in high school. And not for the articles! I wanted to see the girls and, starting back then, I would wish and dream and fantasize that I was like the Playmate of the Month! Not that I wanted to BE WITH HER. That I wanted to BE HER!


Stevie Stevens said...

It's so hard to believe that no one else who looks in here would want to be the gorgeous Miss March!

Could you just imagine looking like that! Not to mention the fun that you would have in bed!

Maxine said...

You're right, Stevie, she is truly gorgeous, perfect, and I am completely jealous of her.

Like you, I would much prefer to be her instead of being with her, which I'm sure would be exciting for a man. But just imagine ...

If I were her, I could have my choice of sexy, hot, intelligent, successful men! Imagine having my own "casting couch," because if I were that hot, I could afford to have one!

All those sexy men, those sweet cocks, those hot muscles, just swooning over my smooth, delicious, perfect body ... their thick cocks penetrating me, their strong arms wrapping around me and holding me close as they cum in me.

If only I looked as hot as she does, I could enjoy, first, a long line of extremely hot and sexy suitors (and some mind-blowing sex!), and finally find the man of my dreams ...

Stevie Stevens said...

Wow, Maxine, so well said! I also would use my pussy and my tits and my smooth body and my female brain too to get what I wanted! And a lot of women do just that as you know!

But when I chose a man that I loved I would make him feel like the luckiest man on the face of the Earth!

Maxine said...

Believe me, honey, my man would definitely feel like the luckiest guy in the world. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him, my special, sweet, wonderful, sexy man. I'd be an elegant lady in public, and his utter whore in bed -- every man loves that.

Whatever he wants to do to me, or me to him, I would never refuse. Never refuse my man. Whatever brings him pleasure pleases me. That's why making love face-to-face, or gazing into his beautiful eyes even as he's filling my loving mouth with his sweet cum is so important to me. I want him to see the smile on my face, my complete satisfaction at knowing that I pleased him so.

I want him never to doubt how much I love him, and how much I lust after him, how much I need his cock, how much I need his strong arms to hold me safe and warm.

If only I were as beautiful as Miss March, finding that incredible hunk-husband would be so easy ...

Stevie Stevens said...

Maxine, you are such a girl wannabe! You would have made such a great woman! I know that at the very least I would love to be like Miss March and have my man hold me tight in his strong arms after I have pleasured him! I have fallen asleep every since I was a young teen have thought like that!

Keith Hansen said...

I would like to be her!

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Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

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