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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tayla is a great and TINY T-girl!

I have been a big fan of Tayla Dieckman for years! And for a girl who is not an Asian ladyboy she has such a cute little nubette! Not to mention she has great legs and titties and is so gorgeous! I'm sure any man would want to have her around to pleasure him!

I agree with someone who commented on the previous post that T-girls are more appealing with cockettes as opposed to having dicks as big as men's. What do you think? Do you agree?

I would think that T-girls would want to be as close to girls as possible. And if they do not have surgery to remove their unwanted cocks, then they would prefer that they are at least tiny! I would also think that T-girls that feel they were born in the wrong body would not want to even use their cocks, so it would be preferable to them -- if they are keeping it -- that they are tiny and limp like in the photo of Tayla directly above!

I don't think Tayla is a going to be screwing anything with that nubette, nor would she want to I must believe! She is pretty much 95 percent girl! Oh and how great that would be! I really do envy her beauty!

So what about it? Do you believe as I do that T-girls should have nubettes to be proper T-girls? Do you disagree and believe they should have manly cocks?


Erin said...

I totally agree, the smaller the better.

Hrdknight said...

I agree with you that the smaller the better. I think it is more in keeping with a feminine appearance.

bubblepopmei said...

100% agree. I'm lucky to be as hung as Tayla is. Hormones will make the cocklette sleeping beauty, and the whole situation will shrink and be even MORE cute if you can imagine!

There is so much joy in my bum anyways, just minutes of toying there trumps hours of boring old stroking.

I think that while third sex individuals like myself and Tayla may sometimes be thought of as "in between" man and woman, Thailand seems to appreciate it more along my lines. The male is on one side of the spectrum, and the shemale and female are very close on the other side of the spectrum.

Having a widdle tiny situation like Tayla confirms that.

Stevie Stevens said...

I am like Tayla as well and I know that that is the reason I am the way I am. I started out less of a male and nature just took its course and led me into feminity!

By the way bubbleopmei, I love your blog, very nice! Love to read and look around!

Sissy Slut Michelle said...

You girls are so rite. There is nothing better than being able to properly hide a tiny clitty cockette in a tight thong panty.

Stevie is spot on with how we grew up knowing we were tiny inadequate premature ejaculators. That just steered us in the rite panty wearing direction and those of us that accept the beauty of a tiny clitty are so very happy. I LOVE MY CLTTY !!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tayla is wanderful! My girl name is Claudia. I am a rather feminine guy, small-dicked (4 inches erect), milky-skinned, delicate, almost glabrous and with wide hips.
Last Summer, a day I was alone at home, I undressed and put on one of my wife's bras and her sexiest pair of shoes, with high heels and ankle laces.
Then I watched myself in the mirror, but my penis and balls ruined the picture; so I hid them behind my thighs and admired my slender legs and ... my hairy PUSSY! In that moment I desired to be a girl, I WAS a girl ... and the only thing I wanted was being fucked in the ass by a strong, muscular man. I felt so slutty. My soft, white ass is still virgin, and it is so sweet and tight ... I am that kind of passive girlieboy aggressive men like to fuck. Sometimes I dream of being taken into a harem, where I perform as a belly dancer, shaking my ass and moving my hips like a real professional dancer; then four or five strong, muscular arab princes strip me naked and fuck me all night long.

Stevie Stevens said...

You know something funny: I have read where others had that same harem fantasy and I've had it as well! I remember watching movies as a youth in which there was a harem scene and I thought: I wish I were one of those girls!

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