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Thursday, April 7, 2011

This T-girl found her proper role in life!

I would have to think it was pretty much pre-determined how this T-girl's life was going to turn out. I mean with a nubbette like that -- which is pretty much like what I have -- she was never going to be able to go through life as a male.

She could only satisfy women with her tongue -- me again! --  so there was never any real possibility of trying to be a male. So it looks like nature took its course here and she is living in the role that she was made for!

Look at her beautiful face! And she looks so happy that she is living in the role she is suited for -- giving up her girlie body to real men with cocks 4 or 5 times bigger than her sissy clitty!

Could you imagine being like that and your man picks you up and carries you to the bed. He gets on top of you and kisses you and leaves suck and bite marks -- hickies! --on your neck while rubbing his masculine hands over your smooth girlie body! All the while he is telling you how he is going to fuck you hard and deep!

But you are so hot and want him so badly that you have to suck his big cock first so it becomes even bigger and harder for when he decides to take you. And you get on your knees and submit to him and he fills your sissiness with his man tool until you are in ecstasy and he groans and fills you with his precious love cream. You roll over and he collapses on you and you tell him over and over how much you love him so much.

Don't you think that scenario is something like what this T-girl lives? I would have to think so! She has found the best alternative to being born with a nubbette and not fated to be a real male! Oh to be so lucky!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! This t-girl is so sexy...such a cute little clitty. I can so relate to wanting a man to climb on top of me and make me his sissy!

Stevie Stevens said...

I have to add that when I was in junior and senior high school and started shaving my body because I hated even the thought of any body hair whatsoever that I resembled this girl, except I was more Italian than Asian, and I even had longer hair for a while too.

Stevie Stevens said...

I can also relate because obviously you can see that she has no titties yet and that is how we sissies all started out of course!

bubblepopmei said...

I always am happy to see tgirls hung like me instead of giant hard cocked girls. I'm glad men like us too!

Josie T-girl said...

She is built pretty much like me. I enjoy being a woman, having a A-cup top and a very small bottom ... well I'm happy. I love the company of a real man too. To make me his every way and deposit his seed deep inside me.

Yes, I can relate. Being me is alright with men.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god is right! Your blog is such an inspiration. You've taken the words right out of my mouth. Let's hope she lives that way. I can see her with a big, hunky, muscular man with a hairy chest.

OMG! Just thinking about that is making ME hot.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of spunk, what are you supposed to do with your man's once he's cum inside of you and its dribbling out of your butt?

Stevie Stevens said...

Get that tampon in there right away!

Anonymous said...

Just the kind of nubby that I like my sissy's to have

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find a gurl like you!!!! So beautiful. I would treat you like a princess.

Anonymous said...

I am a lover of feminine males who are feminine but have not had SRS.

Feminine males are my weakness. I know for a fact that boys who have tiny cocks by the time they get to about the 7th grade are doomed "as boys".

They must make a decision as to what they will do. Do the gay thing if they are too masculine looking. They can go the feminine sissy if they have fine feminine features.

The sad part is that they usually have to make these decisions alone and are very vulnrable at a vurlnable age.

If they are lucky they meet someone to assist them, usually a masculine mature male.

Boys with tiny cocketts make very good feminine sissies. They do not need breasts nor large members.

bambie said...

i too can relate in being built like that except my titties grew some. The girls in my neighborhood always pointed out my bumps in my shirts, the boys nicknamed me titty boy.

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