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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wish I could have gone to my prom as a girl!

But no girl would have been caught dead with me when there were real boys asking them to go. And going with a boy was out of the question back then and it is not even very common today, is it.?

No girls showed any interest in going to the prom with me so I did not entertain thoughts of asking one. I was pretty shy and sissies just plain did not ask girls out.

As you probably found out, they treated us like their girlfriends. I remember how several girls talked to me about the boys who asked them to the prom and how completely giddy they were. I was so envious!

I went over to the houses of a couple of girls to see their dresses and see them off to the prom with some other couples. Then I went home and I don't really remember what I did that evening.

I was reminded of this as I saw some couples entering a hotel I drove by for their prom.

How I wished I could have dressed up like the girl at right in a short purple dress like that! Wearing heels like that and showing off my shaved girlie legs to everyone! And to be in the arms of a handsome boy and dance with him and hold him close! And later kiss him and give him a nice blow job in appreciation of letting me be his girl!

Who knows. Maybe some day in the future sissies will be able to go as girls to their prom. Things are changing rapidly after all. I really wish that for sissies who will be following us! Even if I personally did not get to experience it.


Tiffany said...

oh god yes definitely

I'm from the uk and until very recently we didn't really do proms as such.

But we did have an end of school ball.. although was very small and no 'gowns'.. the boys and girls just all dressed like a normal night out.

Still.. boys would ask girls to go with them and exactly like you.. I was too shy.. too submissive..

I'll never get to experience a real prom like a real girl.. but it must be wonderful

I'm stood there right with you in the short pink number.. happy and excited and a bit giddy and loving how my pink dress hugs my body with all the taffeta and lace and petticoats.. and wearing special sexy lingerie and giggling at the thought of making out with the boy who asked me out and wondering how far I dare let him go.. if tonite will be the night I give my virginity away.

Felicia Anne said...

perhaps we should all get together and have that prom we always wanted to have...

Stevie Stevens said...

Tiffany, like you, I was too shy and submissive to ask a girl out and with the boys, I did what I was told. All the girls I knew really liked me as a friend. That had its perks, but they did not include a real date.

Cheryl Girll said...

It's only like my #1 desire. Especially at this time of the year it tears me up when I see girls in the neighborhood wearing there pretty dresses and getting photographed on prom night.

tg_captioner said...

there's a boutique I pass by nearly everyday with dresses like this in their store front year round (which changes often). It sorta feeds the fire as my mind goes into fantasy mode for the rest of the drive home.

Darlene said...

I had started crossdressing one year before my prom. my sister had known and supported, also tutored.she had insisted a lot that we go together dressed. I am so sorry that I did not listen her. acouple of years later I went 24/7 en femme, but I still have this regret that I missed that prom.

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