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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful period this week!

Dispose of your tampon properly! (Photo found on
Are you also having your sissy period this week? Isn't it such a delightful girlie experience! Ranks right up there with shaving your legs doesn't it!

I have been using my Playtex Gentle Glide tampons this week and also a Kotex maxipad! (I'm registered at the Kotex website, by the way!)

I think the best thing about going through a sissy period is knowing that if you are working in a setting where there are women, that you have a tampon string hanging from you just like they do! And it's even neater when you look at the pretty young women in your office and think that thought! That they will be going to change their tampon sometime soon and so will you!

I also love the purchasing experience: I go down the feminine care aisle at the store with my coupon for tampons or pads. I carefully study the products and prices and double-check my coupons so I get the best deal. I am such a great housewife! And usually there are others there with female minds and feminine bodies -- as well as actual real female body parts that I wish I had!

It is a thrill be among the tampon and maxipad buyers! If they even notice you, they are probably thinking you are buying them for your mistress! If they only knew you were buying them for a sissy gurl -- you! I may have mentioned here in a previous post that one time a couple of teenage girls snickered at me when I was picking out my purchase in the feminine products area!

Then you have to take the tampons or maxipads from your cart and put it on the checkout table and hand your coupons to the clerk! And usually there are real men watching you and perhaps wondering if that is a big sissy in front of them.! I wonder if the purse, the perfume, the nail polish and the girlie clothing are tipping them off as well!

So once again, please share your experiences with your period or when you make your purchase of your tampons or maxipads!


Stevie Stevens said...

Why the 6 hogwash reactions? Doesn't any other sissy or T-girl here have a sissy period! I thought there might be and I have gotten comments about tampons, etc., in the past.

Joy Stoddard said...

I for one, love having a sissy period. I also love wearing a kotex. It flattens me out so well when I am wearing slacks or leggings. Since I am so tiny to begin with,when I', wearing a kotex I don't even ned to tuck.


Stevie Stevens said...

Joy, thanks for responding! I am very tiny too and I just love when my sissy clitty is nestled in maxipad! But then again, doesn't it just seem to be the appropriate place if you are that tiny?

Anonymous said...

Dear Stevie

I started my period on the 12th and it will probably go to the 18th. Just found your BLOG and think it and you are great. Have been dressing and wishing I was a real girl since I can remember. Mother knew and did not try to stop me but never really took an active role in my dressing until 13 and she caught me wearing one of her pads in my ( her ) panties. She seemed to be a little upset at this but after talking for what
seemed like hours I was able to make her understand that all I had ever wanted was to be just like her. She was on her period at the time and at the end of our discussion she just said that we would see how far I wanted to go with this after she was done showing me just what it meant to be female. This is when my real training started. I think after the first 2 months she was a little shocked but also delighted in how well I was doing. After school I would come home and immediately put on my girly clothes and if it was that time of the month there would be a pad in my panties. I had my own things by then and started wearing panties to school even knowing then what would happen if I was discovered.

At 15 I wanted so much to be as feminine as possible that I took to wearing panty linners every day which of course mom noticed as her supply ran down rapidly. She made it plain that I would have to buy my own from then on. So at 15 I had my first trip to the feminine hygeine Isle ( with mom) and her explaining what every thing was for and the different types available. I was a little embarrassed but loved knowing she was doing this for me and loved being with her. It was also at this time that she insisted I start having a full time period. I have not missed my period once from then till now. I'm 36.

Stevie, I love the feeling of my MAXI pad and how feminine it makes me feel. Since those days I have learned how to simulate an actual period. Probably not exactly the same as a real woman, but I keep trying.
I would not be without a panty linner ( kotex lite days), my FDS, wipes and a pre and post period douche.
BTWE I am a sissy and just love everything feminine and frilly. My little clitty is just that, LITTLE, and is certainly better suited to panties and a pad than yucky boy clothes.

Vicky in KOTEX

Stevie Stevens said...

Wow Vicky! Your story is a lot like mine and of course others who look in here! My mother did not actively promote my girlie leanings, but she did not discourage them either. I had the added benefit of having two older sisters, one who did encourage me to be the way I was.

sistvdianne said...

Hi Stevie
As a lifetime T-Gurl I am so glad to have found your BLOG! I love all the wonderful topics that you discuss and especially this topic of having a period which is very special and important to me.
For more than 25 years I have been experiencing my period on a regular 28 day cycle. Before this time, I had experimented with different aspects of my feminine life and had enjoyed using many wonderful feminine hygiene products. As I began to get older and develop a more mature mindset about my femininity, I realized that I wanted to develop and experience a much more evolved femininity. So I began to think about the different feminine experiences that unite women in their femininity and realized that having a monthly menstrual period was that unifying feature. I quickly made the decision to commit to having my monthly menstrual cycle and then over a few months’ time, I developed a way to simulate my menstrual flow: starting with a heavy flow and then tapering off to a lighter flow over a five day period. Finally, I developed my personal monthly feminine hygiene regimen that I would follow during and after my period.
I have to say that experiencing my monthly menstrual cycle and all that it entails has become an absolute necessity in my feminine life. It has allowed me to deeply understand, develop and complete my female self like nothing else could have done and it has allowed me to become much more sensitive and understanding of a woman’s unique femininity.
Finally, I would like to say that it is wonderful to see the number of gurls who are experimenting and enjoying their periods. My hope would be that they develop a fuller understanding of what being a woman entails and discover a wonderful new aspect of their own feminine life.

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What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

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