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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There should be gay/transgender proms too!

Photo found at
I found the photo at right in a post about transgender and gay proms. Here is the link:

Check out the story on this issue

I say why not! What a wonderful idea! If it creates such a big deal at the school, well then don't have it at the school. Have it at some private club. Or maybe if one student's parents might have a big house, have it there.

Now, the only difference is I would have done my hair up nicer than the T-girl at right! Probably a nice wig since I don't have long hair! She needs some lipstick too, but nice gown though (as much as we can see.)

No, I would have worked really really hard to look more like the girl at left. I mean your senior prom would be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so you want to make sure your hair or wig is nice, your makeup and lipstick are perfect, you are smelling sweet and you don't have one speck of body hair!

And don't you just love that dress and those shoes!

I wish I could have gone to a transgender or gay prom with a cute boy! Don't you!

And to be with others like yourself, people who would not be looking down at you!

Wouldn't it be great if your biggest problem of the night was that some T-girl wore the exact same gown as you! Or that someone was jealous of the boy you showed up with! Or if your lipstick got smeared because you were kissing while your date was holding you close on the dance floor! Wouldn't those be great problems to have! The same problems that a real girl might have at her prom!

And of course there would be your intimate after-prom party that would be quite memorable! Especially for your date, who would be on the receiving end of a nice slow blowjob to be sure!

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