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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Excuse me, ma'am"

I had the occasion to be on the campus of a big university yesterday. I was dressed in short denim shorts and a tank top, sort of like the girls pictured here. I was also wearing flip-flops and I had my denim purse.Even the sunglasses.  I got some of the usual looks, some stares, but no comments from anyone. The neat thing was that there were many real girls walking around pretty much like this girl wanna-be!

But the funny thing that I wanted to mention happened coming out of a restaurant. I paid and headed for the door and this young girl -- maybe 5 or 6 -- cut me off and I had to abruptly stop so I would not step on her. Her mother, seeing this, says "Say excuse me!" So the little girl says, "Excuse me, ma'am." The mother says, "I don't think that's a ma'am, say excuse me sir," The little girl responds again, "Excuse me, ma'am." The mother grabbed her by the arm and whispered something to her!

I laughed to myself on the way out to the car. But I could see the little girl's confusion. I had on short shorts like her mother. I had shaved legs like her mother. I had little titties showing, not like her mother's bigger ones but titties nonetheless. I had a purse like her mother. Oh, and I wear a woman's watch, but I bet she did not see that. But I was in boy mode from the neck up -- no wig or makeup -- so I can see why the little girl was confused.

Have you ever had an incident like that happen to you? That was not even the first time for me. But what you see these girls wearing in these pictures is pretty much all I wearing throughout the summer. And I have my denim purse that I really cannot do without. Anyone else like me out there?


Sheen V said...

I love wearing short-shorts like those along with a nice girl's polo shirt and a bra underneath.

maiddiane said...

Hi Stevie,

i have been out a number of times and have had some interesting exchanges, but i always had on make up and a wig. i think it's takes more bravery to go out like you did. i was always 'in disguise'. People don't seem to notice as much.

Short denim shorts and a tank top!

Good for you!

sissy maid diane

Sara said...

I have long hair and a somewhat feminine build, so even though I'm dressed in a gender-neutral way, I sometimes get called "miss" or "ma'am," which always makes me very happy.

Stevie Stevens said...

Well, you know what Maid Diane, I have never tried to impersonate a woman. Sure, I have put on a wig and makeup here and there, maybe to take some pictures.

I basically have always been girlie and acted and dressed girlie and looked more like a transgendered sissy boi than someone impersonating a woman.

So I have never feared going out as a sissy boi dressed in girlie things that I can get away with. Now, I WOULD be afraid to put on a wig and dress and try to pass as a real woman.

Anonymous said...

I've been on hormones for 6 months and have been ma'am'd twice during that time. The first was actually by a TSA screener at the airport (the one who checks your ID and boarding pass). I was wearing a men's business suit.

The second time was maybe 2-3 weeks ago, at the grocery store. I had emptied my handbasket and a clerk by the checkout line says, 'i can take your basket ma'am' before I turned around.

Stevie Stevens said...

Well I guarantee you that if you wear clothes like the girls in the pictures here, you will get "ma'am" here and there. I know from experience. Also, the jerky guys will call you a faggot. I've been there too.

Toni Ginamaria said...

I'm 6" but have hair well past my shoulders mid back really, dyed Lightest golden brown and like to use john frieda glaze which add sparkle to my hair and often get "ma'am" or referred to as the lady doors opened even by a policeman in a traffic stop for speeding let me go with a warning. I love it and it often makes my day and makes me smile

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