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Monday, July 18, 2011

Spending time sunbathing like a girl!

I'm still here. I just can't justify sitting at a computer messing around when I could be sunbathing around our pool. So I've pretty much just been checking my e-mails.

But speaking of sunbathing, I want to talk about how it was for me growing up alongside my sunbathing blond neighbor. She was about 10 years older than me, so when I was a 10-year-old sissy she was 20. And extremely blond and extremely beautiful and extremely built!

They had a pool in their back yard and she would sunbathe next to it. Whenever she had some privacy -- or at least thought she did -- off came at least her bikini top and quite often her bikini bottom as well.

How do I know this? Well, they had a privacy fence around their yard, but if I went to the third story of our house I could see into their pool area and see this beautiful blond neighbor sunbathing.

Was I being a creeper? I don't think so. I wasn't lusting after her -- I was envying her! I was just starting to realize that that was what I wanted to be like! I would fall asleep at night thinking about being like the neighbor girl! And these cute guys were always coming around to see her, including this very cute sailor who I had a crush on! And he was getting to touch what I was looking at! I wanted him to be touching me!

Anyway, I still think of this neighbor girl! I love to sunbathe nakey like she did, although my mistress lectures me about getting to much sun!


Cathya said...

thank you for this great post,
i'd like so much your little story about your neighbor girls.
it's so excited your meet with the sailor, i just dream to have that kind of meet and go forward;
see you

Darlene said...

I really remembered how I started cross dressing. when I was 15 I became aware of the fact that I was envying my sister who was 18 at that time. she was sunbathing in nearby beach, sometimes with her friends, and I was dying to wear their bikinis and join them.when I started wearing her bikinis secretly, she immediately found out and was totally supportive.She was also very suppportive when I went full time at 21, as a pre op TS. anyhow I remember those times; my first bikinis,high heel sandals, private sunbathing sessions with sis in our balcony. luckily I was very petit so I was quiet convincing with some make up. we had found out that some neighbors did mistake me for one of her friends when they saw us in the balcony and I was very proud. It took some time for me to realize that I was very happy and natural as a girl, it was not something just for fun. after that point,automatically came the realization that I secretly envy her bfs, developing crushes with especially good looking ones. it did not take me a year to find out that I will end up as a girl. I think first I had to accept, adapt and get used to my feminine role before finding man attractive. I was , and still am , feeling like a complete female.

Sheen V said...

The hot weather and sun brings out the desire in me to put on a bikini and sunbathe. I do wear one when I go to the tanning booth, but being outdoors in a bikini is so much more fun!

Stevie Stevens said...

I have worn a girl's bikini bottom, even in public, since I started wearing one of my sister's hand-me-downs when I about 13 or so. Never had courage to this day to wear the top though, even in private, to get the tan lines.

Weave said...

Ooh, you answered my question!? So you haven't gotten tan lines up top? I haven't either... but oh man, sooo hot!! :)

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