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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enjoying my mom's bridal lingerie

Well, I have to confess this and I bet some of you out there probably did the same thing. If so, please respond and let us know!

When I was 12 or so, I found the box that held my mother's lingerie from her wedding day. Now, I had seen the stuff in the Penney's catalog and envied the girls in the pictures, so finding this stash was like finding gold for a young sissy, and I'm sure you know what I mean!

The wedding dress was there too, in a special container. So I did not dare touch that. Only the lingerie, which was just in a box that slid under my mom's bed. So at the first opportunity I went back to it and dressed up like the girls in the pictures I found and posted here.

What a delightful, exciting, confusing and scary time for a young sissy. I know at that point I did not understand the feelings that were going through me. Why was I not like the other boys? Why did I have feelings that I wanted to be like the girls instead? Why did I want to be like my mom and two older sisters and not my dad.

But anyway, back to the story at hand: I dressed up in my mother's wedding lingerie at every opportunity I had when the house was empty. I can't remember exactly what the items looked like, but similar to the outfits pictured here, there was the corset or bustier, with garters of course. And white stockings.

And then I got brave and started to take the lingerie out of the house and up to my friend Timmy's where we played dress-up together when his house was empty. Timmy would gather up his mom's lingerie items. We would dress up and parade around and cuddle and kiss and giggle!

Then we made sure everything got put back in its proper place! I have always wondered if my mom noticed that her wedding lingerie had been moved or was missing for a while and put back! My sisters knew I was getting into their stuff. I mean it wasn't like my mom didn't realize what a sissy I was.

I have my own wedding lingerie today. Not a gown though. That would be really nice! But I love my bustier with garters and white thigh highs and I have white shoes to match. Oh, and I have a bridal veil like in one the photos above and at right.

What a great memory! Did anyone else get into their mother's wedding lingerie like I did?


Sharon said...

I don't but do wish I had the nerve to go out and try on a wedding dress and purchase it along with all of the lingerie to go with it.

Sara said...

Loved this post! Bridal fantasies are something I think about all the time, and you were lucky to have your mom's bridal lingerie to wear!

Stevie Stevens said...

I was wondering: Can you find bridal things at thrift shops? It would be great to have items actually worn in a wedding!

mingle said...

Great story. Not my mom's wedding lingerie, but definitely her (and my older sister's) regular lingerie. She even caught me once!

Patriciapro said...

Love the blog and love this post. As a crossdressing sissy myself, I can really emphasize with the thrill of unpacking and wearing lovely lacy bridal lingerie.

Stevie Stevens said...

It's sad that we miss out on being brides because we would have made great one!

Jay for Her said...

Oh Stevie, you'd be such a perfect sissy bride! I KNOW you'd be tugging at your lacey frillies all night as you nervously anticipate your groom's marital conquest. You NEED a proper wedding night to be all sissy pussy to your man's slippery breeding pole!

myinnersuzi said...

i never found my mom's brodal lingerie, but used to sneak bridal magazines out of our local library and read them in my bedroom, loving all the gorgeous gowns and lingerie and makeup, etc. i used ot 'plan'my own wedding as a pre-teen by picking out what gown i woudl have, what my bridesmaids woudl wear, the flowers, my hairstyle, etc. The one thing i stayed away form was the groom, ignoring the fact that i'd be marryoing a man because i was so afraid i was 'gay,' and where i grew up you just weren't 'that way.'

Lilith said...

Love your blog, and you are an absolutely gorgous young woman. I have two young sons which I am feminizing and can only hope that one or both will turn out to be as beautiful as you are.

Anonymous said...

ive always loved dressing up in my moms lingerie i just never had anyone to share the experience with but i will always remember finding this box that had about 7-8 dildoes in it and every chane i got i would use them (it was great)

Stevie Stevens said...

You used your mom's dildos !?!

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