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Friday, August 19, 2011

I amazed myself!

I wish this were my mechanic!
I did an astounding thing the other day! Well at least for me anyway! I changed a headlight bulb in my car!

I was so afraid to do it too! I thought, first of all, I couldn't figure out how to do it. Then I figured I would mess something up! I did change an air filter one time though. Unscrewed the top and changed it and screwed it back on. And screwed it back on too.

So the man at the auto parts store told me to make sure I did not touch the glass part of the bulb. He didn't say what would happen, just that it would be bad. So I had to worry about that too!

Well, everything turned out find and the bulb even worked when I tested my work! I did get my hands really greasy while unhooking behind the bulb and hooking it back up again.

But I had this great feeling of accomplishment! I don't know anything about cars -- except how to put the gas in! Pretty much all the time I have to take my car somewhere or have someone I know come over and help me with something, even like changing a wiper blade.

But I know about cooking and baking and cleaning. I know about bras and panties and garter belts and hose! I know what a good outfit looks like! I know how to shave my legs properly and put on nail polish! Oh, and lipstick and makeup too! And well, just all kinds of girlie stuff!

The point is: I know about girlie things much more than I know about manly things! Pretty much always have! What about you? Do you know about and are able to do manly things? Or do you know more about sissy and girlie and womanly and feminine things and are able to do those things better?


tg_captioner said...

good job.. yea if you touch it (like any halogen, like a torch light in your house) the heat will cause the bulb to burn out.

There are things I don't understand sometimes, but I always know my limitations, and remember that even if you screw something up, there's someone else who can fix it. Sometimes you just gotta try stuff, or take a class, or let someone who knows what they're doing show you, you'd be amazed at how simple some things are even though they look hard.

Anonymous said...

It's strange...I can hardly go a day without dressing fully as a woman, and taking a real man's cock up my boy-pussy...but in all other moments of my life, I am a man. I play manly sports, fix my car, drink beer and whiskey with the boys and fuck strange women. I fix things around the house, but know nothing about baking or doing laundry.
I'm a man, bit I have a fetish that I've created over the years I guess. In the moments I'm dressed, I am a straight woman. All other times I am your average manly man.

Stevie Stevens said...

My mom and aunts taught me about girlie things -- baking, sewing, housework -- when I was a young sissy. My dad didn't teach me anything.

Billie said...

My dad taught me lots just by my watching him! All of the girlie things also came to me very easy and felt very natural. What I learned about my feminine inner-self did not have to be taught to me by other males.

bambie said...

Yes the oil from your fingers heat up when the lamp is on and it blows.
i too do not know much of manly things. My dad would get frustrated that i did not learn, but mommy always protected me. He hated that i spent hours in the kitchen with her or in the sewing room leaning how to sew. He would call me his sissy girl.

Patriciapro said...

Stevie, I haven't given much thought to my girlie skills, but I wish I was in girlie mode and about to walk in on that hunk of a mechanic in the picture accompanying your article. He is what I call a real man, and is everything a sissy transvestite like myself is not!

Joy S. said...

I am always a little uncomfortable when I take my vehicle to get serviced because I can sense the repairman knows I'm clueless when it comes to anything mechanical or "manly". When he's trying to explain what needs to be done, it feels like the kind of conversation he would typically have with a woman because it's so obvious what an effeminate sissy I am even in boi mode. The same seems true when things break or need to be serviced in my home. My lack of knowledge for fixing what might seem typically simple to a "man" forces me to have to call a handy man or ask some of my girlfriends if they can get their husbands or boyfriends to do it. I can imagine what these guys must think of me.


Stevie Stevens said...

I have been in the same position! One time I called a plumber and he laughed at me and said I could have done it myself and saved 100 bucks on a service call and his work. Well, I could not have done it myself and I was happy to have him fix it.

Anonymous said...

the reason he told you not to touch the bulb part is because the oil in your fingers will cause the buld to go out much quicker then it should and it will have a shorter buld life

One of your many fans said...

I remember how jealous I'd get, helplessly restrained by being at mother's constant beck and call while my brothers got to work on the cars (or do woodworking or welding projects) with dad - that is, when they weren't off to their sports practices or games (which I was also forbidden to take part in).

My only interaction with them was when mom would have me make them a snack and take it out to dad's gynormous freestanding garage/workshop to serve them. When she was in a good mood (which to be fair was most of the time), then I wouldn't have to wear my apron outside!

So I learned nothing about cars, plumbing, flooring, roofing, drywall, or any home maintenance or home improvement, etc. But whenever my brothers wanted some made-from-scratch cookies, biscuits, or brownies, or if they needed a button sewn back on or a ripped seam repaired, then I was their 'man'!

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