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Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't you adore this short dress!

I just love this photo! It is actually the girl -- Cara, the Playmate -- from the undies photo again.

She is everything I wish I could be! I wish I could have gone to high school or college dressed like that! Wouldn't that have opened some eyes! But of course the high school would have sent you home in a second due to the dress length rule. You would have been way out of compliance! Well, and not to mention that you were not a real girl and not wearing your khakis and necktie!

This is a just a fantasy now, but if you were able to dress just like this in high school, do you think that at least some guys would have asked you out on a date even though you were not a complete girl? In a perfect world that would have been so nice, but this is not a perfect world, is it? Very far from it.

For sure, some guys would have you around to administer blow jobs even they would not be seen with you in public. I happen to know this from my own experience and that of my sissy friends going through junior and senior high school. Some boys were happy to get a blow job from you, then they treated you like crap or at the very least like they did not know you.

But it just really really sucks that we T-girls could not dress like that in school because, heck, girls wear slacks to school just like the boys. What's up with that!

I actually dressed up like Cara in my room at home and when I played house with my sissy friend
Timmy. My sister had short dresses like what Cara is wearing. Which, of course, I borrowed! I seem to recall that there was a time when girls in school got away with wearing very short dresses and skirts, then the school cracked down and came up with that darned dress code!

But I sure wish I could have gone to school like Cara here. Don't you?


MollyPop said...

That is very nice. Especially if you have the long legs to go with it.

Linda Marie Daniels said...

It would be amazing to look like Cara. In high school, I would wear my sister's dresses. They weren't much longer than the gorgeous dress Cara is wearing. With high heels, my legs looked pretty good. Oh, to be young and pretty.

Stevie Stevens said...

I always had the legs too! And the skinny arms to go along with them!

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