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Monday, October 3, 2011

I love simple pleasures!

This was me ... well I wish it was!

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. I love the simple pleasures of life and I don't need to drive a fancy car and stuff like that.

For example, I spent the afternoon yesterday with my oldest sister. We talked and had dinner and I played with her dog. It was just great way to spend a very rainy day.

I made some purchases in the last couple of days that also made me happy. I bought some bikini panties and some stockings for use with a garter belt. Just some clothing, but it made me very happy!

Shaving can be such fun!
Now, here is the funniest thing: The other day I brought out a new razor to shave my legs -- and everything else of course -- and the feeling after using that new blade was just so delightful! I know that sounds pretty silly, but I just was so smooth and felt so girlie!

I sprayed on some body spray all over and put on some lip gloss. I put on a pink chemise and heels -- no undies -- and proceeded to do my housework and I had such a great time!

I thought about how some real women consider shaving their legs to be such a chore, while we T-girls consider it to be such a delight!

And how real women hate their monthly periods while we wish that we were fortunate enough to have a pussy so that we could have a period and have to go through what they do!

And how some women hate to do housework! Some of us T-girls love to do housework and we are very good at it. We would make excellent housewives and caregivers!

We all have our bad times and worries and hassles in life, don't we? But it is nice to a have some little things that make you happy along the way. What little things make you happy?


Billie said...

I'd have to say it's all the many things I get to do while pretending to be a girl. Obviously, shaving, waxing, make-up, and shopping are faves, but I absolutely abhor housework. Dancing, drinking, and dating come into my mind!

Stevie Stevens said...

Well as far as housework Billie, I have always been just so submissive that I have had the desire to do the housework so that my partner could do the dancing, drinking and dating.

Stevie Stevens said...

I shaved again today and I cannot emphasize how much I enjoy it! Not so much the actual deed -- although it is a feminine act that real males certainly do not do -- but the feeling of smoothness when you are done! I know it is silly, but to me it is being like a real girl in a small way and I very much take delight in it.

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