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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I love this girl's undies!

I love this bra and panty set! I wish I had it and I also wish that I filled it out as nice as this girl does!

I love all types of bras and panties, I guess. But I especially like the underwire bras because they push up my growing titties. The cut of the panties pictured here is my favorite style.

And the most important thing is I always have to match! The only way I will wear bras and panties that are not a set is for them to be all white or all black. You can't go wrong there. But other colors and designs simply don't match. And a sissy T-girl has to match, don't you think!


One of your many fans said...

What a pretty matched set on such a pretty girl! With one of my despised 'Cinderfella' jobs being household laundry, I couldn't help but notice that most of mom's undies were pretty utilitarian, though she did have a couple of - shall we say - more INTERESTING sets for whenever the mood struck her for a liason with dad.

I never let on to her that I knew exactly what day she and dad had done the dirty (based on what intimate apparel appeared in that particular day's laundry basket)!

One of your many fans said...

Oh, I should mention one other thing. When my second-oldest brother got married they lived at home (our home) for about four months, and mom made it clear that I was expected to do laundry for Lisa (my new sister-in-law) as well during this transition time for them.

I complained 'bitterly' to mom but NOT to anyone else about the extra workload, because I didn't want my complaints getting back to Lisa. You see, she was (and still is) such a sweet gal that I feared she'd insist on washing her own clothes if she thought I minded (which I most certainly did NOT - nudge, nudge, wink wink).

She'd just barely turned nineteen on her wedding day, and I think she was even more attractive (at least to me, and certainly to my older brother) than the girl in your picture. I don't think Lisa's bust was as ample, but her waist was narrower, her tush was absolute perfection, and her hair was much darker (kinda have a thing for brunettes myself) ;)

Excuse my reminiscing - anyway, back to your post topic, Lisa had the cutest outfits (and the SEXIEST underwear) on the planet! (Just what one would expect from a HOT young newlywed wife). I was so disappointed when they moved out!

Stevie Stevens said...

I certainly understand about that envy. I had two older sisters growing up and I wanted to be in their undies and other stuff in the worst way. And my one sister who is a year older than me actually gave me hand-me-downs and I love her so much for that!

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