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Monday, October 24, 2011

A real farmer's daughter!

I think I ran into this girl!
I went into a farm supply store the other day. Now, I don't know a thing about farms or equipment or anything where you have to mix the oil with the gas! What is up with that anyway?

I did work some on a farm in high school, pretty much doing menial work like cleaning up poopy straw and putting down clean straw and feeding the animals. A relative got me the job, but being a sissy from the city I had to put up with abuse from most of the farm boys who worked there. But that's a story for another day.

Anyway, I went into this farm supply store to buy some bird seed. Feeding my feathered friends and watching them is one of my favorite things. I was checking out and talking to the lady clerk about these candles they were selling, because I could smell them. You know, the kind you don't even have to light, but you just put in the window and the heat from the sun creates the great smell!

This is the type of farm girl I would be!
In walks this tall blond girl wearing a flannel shirt, tight jeans and work boots. She had long blonde hair and was simply gorgeous. I mean I looked over at her and just froze, she was so pretty! She resembled the girl pictured above. All the people working at the store seemed to know her, so I gathered she was a real farm girl or horse owner or something.

Then I noticed what a strapping young lady she was! She looked very fit and strong, like she definitely could kick my sissy butt if I did not give into her! I wanted to hang around the store for a little bit but you can't be a creeper! It would not have surprised me though if she came over and asked if I needed help carrying my bird seed out to the car!

I, of course, am more suited to be a farm girl like the one pictured at left. And I bet you are too if you have read this far! My job on the farm or ranch would to be the blond girl's girlfriend and to take care of HER needs! I would dress like the girl at left, in contrast to the blond girl's jeans and boots and flannel.

In between the blond girl's chores, she would take me into the hay loft for some fun between two farm girls! And again, I certainly would be the girl at left and not the one above. Which one would you be!

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