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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are you sad or happy for this boy?

I just heard about a boy like these ones.
So, I heard from a relative that her relative's son, who is about 10 years old, is showing signs that he is effeminate, and his parents are somewhat concerned, don't know what to make of it and don't know what to do about it.

Apparently, not only is he showing that he is effeminate, he loves to play with his female cousins and not his male cousins so he can play with dolls with them and play dress-up and he even loves to have the girls put lipstick and makeup on him! Boy, that was deja-vu all over again for me!

I have seen this boy a few times here and there at various big family functions. I can't say that I am surprised by this revelation. He is small for his age and very shy and meek. I guess that fits the stereotype, although I was not especially any of those things.

So I'm thinking, am I sad for this boy or am I happy for this boy? What do you think?

I have to say that although it has been very difficult to grow up as a sissy and to be transgendered, it also has been very rewarding. I have been through confusing times, lonely times, depressing times and times when I was bullied. But because I am one of the lucky ones and I have been accepted by the people I care about the most, there have also been many happy times.

I have not been able to fulfill all my needs of being transgendered, but enough to at least be happy and not totally miserable. Sure, I wish that I were a real girl, with a pussy and breasts, and do all the the girl things. I think about that every day. But since that was not going to happen for me -- and probably you too -- then you make the most of what you can have.

If you are reading this, then you surely know that we had no choice in the matter, did we? I don't know what is going to happen to this boy, but that sure sounds like me when I was 10 years old. Was that you too? Are you sad for this boy or are you happy for him?


Sharon said...

I would be happy for him, his parents could make it easier for (her)him or make it harder and have him stay as a boy but in the long run I would say he is going to dress and behave as a female then allow her to be herself.

black sissy said...

I feel sad for the boy if his family decides to hide his behavior or shame him for his bahavior or reject his behavior as inappropriate. That would make me sad.

However if his behavior will be accepted and explored by his family then i would feel happy for him.

I grew up at a time and in a neighborhood where boy behaving like girls risked their safey in doing so. I grew up in an age where gender varient behavior was punished or ridiculed. I hopethis boy and boys like him will not have to endure what i did. I hope boys like this can be who they really are and find the support to explore their gender issues.

sissypinkpanties said...

I have spent a lot of years hiding who and what I am. Only now at 29 am I starting to open up and show my true sissy nature, but I'm still hiding it from my family and a lot of friends because I don't think they'll understand. I hope this child will get the support and love he deserves! The world would be a much nicer place with more sissies in it! Can you imagine going to war wearing pink panties!?

Joy said...

I guess alot of this depends on the child's self acceptance. Based on what I am reading, this child has been open and receptive with regard to his/her true preference. That's a good start. Hopefully, externally negative feedback will not prevail in discouraging this child from continuing to accept and ultimately realize their true self. These destructive forces can sometimes be very powerful and severely alter one's will to fully pursue their happiness.

Therefore, in a way I envy this child because when I was growing up I was very sensitive and intuitively knew the consequences if I displayed openly how I truly felt. Even though others may have perceived me as effeminate, I stubbornly tried to deny my true self resulting in many long years of frustration and confusion that has made the potential for transitioning even more complicated.

Right now this child may suffer some initially, but the fact that Pandora is already out of the box may be a blessing.


Stevie Stevens said...

Having seen this boy a few times in the past, and now knowing what I have heard about his habits, I would have to say this train to sissyhood has already left the station, so to speak. That's the way I was. His parents can't just give him a football and hope he becomes a masculine boy. That did not work with me.

Stevie Stevens said...

My parents were split of the fact that I was a sissy and girlie and liked girlie things. My mother was sympathetic and my dad pretty much had nothing to do with me because of that.

Billie said...

I'm very happy for him and I hope he's OK with being cross-sexed. At the same time I'm a bit afraid for him, too! And, yes, it does sound a lot like me at the ripe old age of 10, lmao. We cross-sexed people apparently seem to know at a very early age exactly what our issue is! At least I was a bit more lucky than most because I grew up in the San Francisco bay area.

I've not been accepted by the people I cared about, my family was both happy and relieved to see me go, but my happiest times have oddly been the stolen moments. God, what risks I used to take!

I, too, pine that I were a real girl with a pussy and breasts but I still do most things GGs do.

And, no, the gift of a football will not make you a boy!

Terilyn Bardot said...

I am very happy for this boy because he will enjoy his life as a future woman. I was like him - shy, slightly built, dainty. I never had a dad and my mom didn't care that I was a sissy. Her boyfriend was a really macho kind of guy who never liked me. Once when I was 14 he told me his 6 year old son could kick my ass. Which is why a few months later I was surprised when he caught me in lipstick and heels and he grabbed me and kissed me. After that he was MY boyfriend!

Stevie Stevens said...

I might be seeing this boy this weekend at a family function. If I do I will report back on what he is like and how he is acting. I have a feeling I am going to see a lot of how I was.

silverfox24 said...

i feel for the boy in the picture i some time wish it was me

jellybean said...

If his parents can possibly TRY to understand. When you do talk to him, try to ask what his parents are doing/not doing for.
If his parents will not try, this young boy is in for a life like all of ours, when in school he will most likely not be too populiar because most likely he will not like sports.
Of course, like most of us, he will get passed it.
Are you going to say anything or just let it go. I just MIGHT APPRECIATE SOME HELP FROM YOU.
Good luck

Stevie Stevens said...

It is very unlikely I will be getting involved in this. This family are relatives of an inlaw. So they are sort of extended family to me, but not officially. But I am monitoring the situation. And sometimes I hear some things. If I do hear something I don't like, I could very well step in though.

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