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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living among pretty girls

I wanted to be a pretty, popular girl like this!
As you know, growing up living among pretty girls was very difficult for a sissy. And, for me anyway, it remains difficult to this day.

But I want to talk about dealing with our plight in high school and college. I came across three types of girls:

1 -- Those who were just plain indifferent, snobbish, didn't want anything to do with you. Acted like you were invisible. But these "stuck up" girls treated everyone that way.

2 -- Those who just hated sissies like us. They would insult us, tell us to go away. I knew some that were pretty mean and would get their boyfriends to do mean things to me and other girlie boys.  But again, these girls were mean to most people.

3 -- And then there were those that were sympathetic toward us. They liked having us around but did not treat us like regular boys. They treated us like their other girlfriends.

I knew girls who loved to be with me. They loved to do homework and study with me. Maybe go to the mall with me. Maybe meet at a dance -- where they would be scoping out the cute boys the whole time. I would go over to girls' houses and even go up to their bedroom. And their mothers were completely cool with this because they knew that I was completely harmless!

These same girls, although they were so nice to you, would never ever, not in a million years, go out on what might be even remotely considered a date with you. I did go to movies with them, but we paid our own way so it was not a date.

I had girl friends in high school and college who would do something with me during the day then go out on a date with a real boy in the evening. Then maybe the next day they would actually call me and tell me all about it. These girls would always be talking about boys with me and who was the cutest and what I thought about them and what I knew about them.

I had a girl friend who told me one night when I was at her house that she was tired and wanted to go to bed early. So I left. Then, as I was walking home a car drove by with a boy that I knew driving and she was in the passenger seat.

But I got used to stuff like that. Girls treated me like just another female friend. I knew a lot of girls in high school and college. But I never went out on any dates unless it was some group thing or maybe I met a girl somewhere just like two girls would do.

Added to all this was the fact that when I was in high school I had a sister there who was a year older -- I have mentioned her before -- and she was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school. She was type of girl I wanted to be and I envied her so much. But I was always considered to be her sissy brother in most other kids' eyes.

So my point is, it was very hard to live among these pretty girls in high school and college and especially to have such a pretty and popular sister. I wanted to be these girls so much and it hurt so much. This was a very difficult time period to get through.

Can anyone else identify with this? From what I have read, I was your typical sissy, transgendered kid so I am pretty sure some of you went through this too and it would be nice to hear from you.


polly said...

Awww...I do so relate to all you've said, Stevie.

I don't think I ever came across as 'obviously' sissy at school (tooo scared to!), but I realise now that most girls and women just somehow sense when a man isn't a real man. I always easily made friends with girls, simply because they quickly realised I was of no sexual 'threat'. To say the least.

When I was about 13, I was asked out by one of the prettiest, coolest girls in class, who up until then, hadn't really had much to do with. I couldn't believe it, and just said yes. We got on fine, and I pretty much acted as I always did. We did kiss a bit, but never did I make any sort of move further. It just wasn't in me to. To this day, I don't really know how a man makes a pass at a woman. After a fortnight, she politely told me that it wasn't for her. And that was that. She didn't want to 'date' a sissy. She was a real girl who wanted a real boy. And I was a boy who only wished to be wearing the same school uniform as she was. She must have sensed that.

I remember feeling a bit sad...but mainly relieved.

Girls were my friends. My best friends today, are all women too.

Lovely post, Sevie:) Thank you x

Laurie said...

As much as I try and I dont have the gay voice it very masculine to my dismay. All through high school, college and even now. Before I even knew what I was and thought I was just any str8 guy. All the girls I new never dated me treated me like another girl and called me to tell me about the guys always asked my oppion on guy and if I would sleep with them. then it seemed even after I just meet a girl at a party and the other girls were talking this new girl will ask me if I like to swallow or spit etc. I am always taken back like wait how does all these girls know. Im trying hard to blind in will other guys?

JAY said...

Wish I could relate, but I can't. Unfortunately, I was fighting them off with a stick, all the time wondering why I couldn't be one of them, instead of getting with them.

Joy said...

I can so relate to Stevie and Polly. High School was such a confusing, frustrating, and even frightening time for me. I tried so hard to fit in as a boy and figured the easiest way to do this was to have a steady girlfriend or date alot. At the time I was so in denial that I believed that the reason why I needed to be girlish was because I was so attracted to women and loved being around them.
But having alot of girlfriends and dating were two different things.
Although alot of girls loved hanging out with me very few wanted to date me. I was treated more like one of their girlfriends who they shopped with and confided with about guys that they were sexually attracted to. Although I didn't perceive myself as effeminate, most girls somehow suspected that I was a sissy and viewed me as less of a guy than the ones they had interests in. Even when I did get a few dates, I somehow managed to end the relationships or just become friends with them. It also seemed as though I would put these so called romances to a halt just before they got sexual. At the time, I didn't realize it, but deep down I knew I really wasn't a man and if one of these girls saw me undressed, they would know as well. I swear I had seen some four and five year old boys who would put me to shame.Some of these boys were my girlfriends' little brothers. I was fearful if word got out,everyone would know and the boys at school would tease me unmercifully. ( as if it mattered) They were already calling me a pussy, faggot, and homo.

There was one time when I was dating a girl that I knew was easy and had a reputation for putting out. For some reason she was attracted to me and invited me over to her house on a Sunday when here parents were not home. I was all ready to go until I found out that one of my aunts was out of town. I made an excuse to get out of my date so I could go over to my aunt's house a play dressup since I would have complete access to all of her clothes and makeup. That was when it was confirmed that I was the ultimate sissy and would never be a man.


jellybean said...

I had a girl friend that would go to the drive in and we would sit and talk about the boys and what one boy was saying about the girls. Of course was getting info about the different boys, but quite often I would have to tell her that the boys were not letting me into their group so well, so I really didn't know what some of them were saying about the girls. Halfway thru the move she would suggest undoing my pants and she would want to play with me (although I was i pulled my pants down a little) but she would never give me a blow job or let me cum. She knew exactly when it was time to stop...and she did. Every single night that we went out, she would make the comment that "sissy boys didn't need to cum". I might as well say right now, as I think back, she was my Mistress and I her slave boy and I LOVED it.
During school hours, I carried her books QUITE often, and there were times when she would stop and talk to a "popular" boy while I stood a held her books. This REALLY did excite me and this made me feel more submissive and really turned me on.
Like polly said, girls were always my favorite friends and I love being with them. Once some of the guys realized that I was somwhat important to the girls, they more or less left me alone as long as I didn't try to hassle them.
Girls are beautiful and more importanly they are the "givers of life."

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