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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pregnant T-girls in the future?

Wish this were me!
Quite often -- and especially when I see a woman with child -- I think about how much I wish I could be pregnant like this girl pictured at right!

I mean it is more about what being a woman is about than even the sex act. Anyone can be screwed. T-girls get so much enjoyment from taking a real man up their sissy asses, but obviously we can't get pregnant like real girls who take men in their pretty pussies.

If only science and medicine could implant a womb in T-girls and a way for a man's seed to make a baby! Now, that would be a breakthrough, wouldn't it! Do you think that would be possible way off in the future! I would say probably! Heck, we transplant other organs and even faces nowadays. Why could a womb not be transplanted into a T-girl!

I would imagine that in the future when women are running the world as it should be, manly men will be used for manual labor and sports -- someday there will be no need for armies -- and providing the necessary sperm for babies. But women may be too busy running the world to have babies. And wombs will be implanted into sissies like us who will be satisfying the men sexually and having their babies!

Science fiction? Or do you think something like that is possible?


Ana Karen said...

I disagree with you on one thing - the ultimate feminization isn't pregnancy, it's lactation, just as pregnancy trumps vaginal sex.

I have a related sci-fi fantasy: In a world with few fertile women, I get 'drafted' to have a baby - unwillingly get a uterus implant and made to have sex with men, though I'm assured I'll get turned back into a man at the end. I get pregnant, my breasts grow as the pregnancy goes on, eventually I give birth and breastfeed my baby, as I feel him sucking my nipple and draining the milk from my breast, I make a decision and be them to let me remain female - they agree, on the condition I have to basically become a baby factory, which is what I wanted deep down.

Stevie Stevens said...

Lovely fantasy, Ana Karen! I have written before about how I so wish I could breastfeed a baby. So I definitely agree with you!

Tanya Heather said...

Not sure why, but I find the image of a sexually active pregnant woman far more exciting than the idea of simply being pregnant. Maybe it's the taboo element, or the contrast of the mother/whore image.

Pregancy and lactation are the ultimate fantasy, the final frontier for feminization. I quite like idea of being forced to become a baby-factory, and continuing to be used as a pleasure-toy throughout the process. My fantasy doesn't include a choice to return to masculinity, but I wouldn't take my captors up on it anyway. :)

Ana Karen said...

for me the hot thing about being sexually active during pregnancy, would be being treated as his sex toy - it doesn't matter if I'm pregnant, he needs a warm hole for his cock.

I'd like the choice to go back to being a man, because I'd turn it down.

vilnevskaya0905 said...
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vilnevskaya0905 said...

My dream!

Sara said...

Being pregnant is a huge fantasy of mine as well, and I'd love to be a lactating baby factory!

undergirll3 said...

I get very hot when I have this fantasy.

JAY said...

I don't know.... but I can imagine some of the issues those poor kids would have to deal with when they grew-up and discovered that mom was a male. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I love the post and all of the comments. The pregnant girl's picture is so beautiful

I just don't understand why girls complain they have a period. I think it is a very, very very, small price to have a uterus and milk glands for creating breast milk. The thought of feeling a man fill me with his seed and my baby starting to grow gets me so excited.

To have the ability to have sex like a female, then caring my baby would be everything to me. I would love people looking at me and smiling as my belly grows. I would be rubbing it all the time in public and wear clothes that makes me stand out as pregnant

Yes, the pain of child birth would be hard but it would also be great joy for becoming a real female. Having my baby placed on my chest and then feeding them with my milk filled breast would be a total dream come true. Let hope all of our dreams come true soon.

I almost cry when I see a pregnant girl, I wont to be her so bad.

And yes I would never, never change back I would be a baby factory for ever.

I hope I didn't upset any one I just wont to be a real female get pregnant and breast feed my babies

Stevie Stevens said...

Well said! And more than a few of us here totally agree with you!

kathyann26sissy_ts said...

That would be so outstanding, to know that while the man is busy pumping me full with his seed to know that I will become pregant with his child. That makes the sexual act much more forbidden to me. I love it when the man shoots his hot cum deep within me & now knowing that I can become pregant, ohhhhhhh that makes it so much nicer!

jellybean said...

Oh Stevie
What a fantastic future indeed. I firmly believe that the women will be running the world in a few years and men will be working the labor jobs. I have fantasized about being pregnant AS A GIRL but never as a boy. I guess that I will just remain very jealous of women for my entire life.

Lets face it...women ARE THE LIFEGIVERS.

Ana Karen said...

@Anonymous: If I magically woke up as a woman, I wouldn't want to menstruate - I'd avoid it by getting pregnant asap.

jellybean said...

Have a womb implanted in me and of course have ALL male organs remove and being able to give birth. I'm sure that I'm not going to be a sports man, manual labor but with alittle help, maybe transplant a womb and let me have a babe and please let me milk HER. I could liv in the house of the high powered woman and raise he girl.

jellybean said...

The lady sitting on the steps.$%^&*(#$@#$% what a SUPER FOX ans I guess most men in this universe would love to be with her for a night. WOWO!!!!!!

Now the lady on the bench with her belly showing a little and her robe open to allow this show....I don't know. Make a nice slow love to her so you don't ram into where its not supposed to ram. SLOW AND COMFORTABLE. NO NEED TO PUSH ON HER BELLY, stay above her belly.She is soon to become a "GIVER OF LIFE" who are the most important people on this earth. SO BE CAREFUL.....LOVE HER NICE AND SLOW.

Anonymous said...

Well I certainly hope so and soon! At the University College of London they successfully implanted the first artificially grown organ (a windpipe) in a human last fall. In short they made it by grafting stem cells onto a mold with the patients cells and they subsequently proliferated around it to form the organ (its a little more complicated but for times sake I wont go into it :)). So yes it should be quite possible within the next 15-20 years for a womb to be grown and implanted in a post-op ts. The only problem that arises is that ts girls were born male and that means they have male sex chromosomes in their DNA. Combine that with their lovers male DNA and you have two sets of XY sex chromosomes. That means there will always be a 1/4 chance of the fertilized egg ending up with two Y chromosomes (death for the egg). They would also have double the chance to have a boy than you would to have a girl (1/2 vs. 1/4 respectively). Sorry for being rambling and being nerdy (who says ts girls can't be smart!). Hope it was helpful :)

Stevie Stevens said...

I find that very interesting and fascinating!

Matt J said...


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