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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outed at the drugstore!

Ever go to the drugstore and you are in the checkout line to pay for your maxipads or tampons and the price doesn't ring up properly or not at all?

Then the flustered clerk yells out to her co-worker: "Hey Sally, how much are these maxipads?" And she does it really loud so everyone can hear her, especially the men standing next to you in the checkout line!

I have been in situations like that! Yes, with maxipads or panties or some other item of women's clothing.

So, I was at a drugstore the other day and was buying some nail polish. Two bottles actually. One did not have the UPC code so it could not be rung up. The clerk asked me if I knew how much it cost. I said a dollar ninety-nine. She was about to accept that because that's how much the other bottle was even though they were different brands.

I painted my toenails with glittery polish!
But a second later she sees another clerk and of course she has to yell across the store: "Hey Sally (or something), how much is Xbrand nail polish?" Of course, the men in line got to know that I was buying nail polish and just like in the other similar incidents they gave me funny looks!

I bet you have been in situations like that!

Anyway, I thought I would try some glittery silver nail polish for my toes and I also purchased some bright green polish so I would have more than reddish colors. I'm wearing the glittery polish today and I just love it. I normally wear clear polish on my fingernails unless I am off work for an extended period. But I love putting on my nail polish just like the girls pictured above! Just another way that those of us who wish we were girls can express ourselves!


marilynsturn said...

Oh I love this when it happens. Many times shopping at Macy's I have had similar experiences. I am there so often with my spouse it is like being in "Cheers". where everybody knows your name,and in this case your "game" too.Might as well be proud of who you really are. That is when the fear goes away. Let go and Live I say.

Joy said...

My favorite experiences of this sort are when I go to a department store completely in female mode and make purchases which require me to use a credit card and present a photo ID. I do this regurly at Macy's and other department stores.and even after I'm outed, it's so exciting when the sales girls continue to treat me and address me like I'm just another female. This totally validates how sissified and feminine I've become.

On one occasion shopping at Ann Taylor's a young sales girl had assisted me through the whole process of selecting outfits and changing in the ladies dressing room. I really assumed that she knew I was a sissy and not really female. However, when I made my purchases she couldn't believe that my ID was legit. I clumsily explained to her that I was transitioning and had not yet changed my ID. She actually gave me a hug and complimented me on how feminine I presented myself. When we completed our transaction she told me that she would never have guessed and that being a girl was naturally meant for me. It was one of the best days of my life.


Billie said...

I buy female things I strongly suspect will probably ring up correctly, if they don't I just feel I'm busted! A lot of my choices depend on the sales person.

I've gotten a few "I can't believe this is for you!" looks from younger sales girls when I bought lipstick or nail polish and I was never asked questions either.

Over my lifetime, many sales women have given me the "I can't believe these are for you!" looks, while others have actually said, "I wish you all the best, deary."

I do my best to push all the negatives out of my mind.

sissy terri said...

As a monthly user of maxipads and other feminine hygiene items (part of a contract I have with my wife Diane), I've experienced several embarrassing incidents when making these purchases.

My wife insists that when I purchase these things, I can buy nothing else. Going to the checkout and waiting there at times can be humiliating enough when there are others around, but comments from female sales girls just make it worse.

Over time, it does become easier. Part of it is just accepting who you really are.

sissy terri

Anonymous said...

It seems it always happens to me whenever I go to the drugstore and check out with a laxative or a Fleet enema, and of course all the attention just announces to the world that I'm constipated :(

Smiles, Tracy

Sharon said...

There are times when it happens it doesn't bother me, especially if it a woman young or old doesn't matter.
But when it is male clerk in a shoe store or grocery lane then it really bothers me that he knows that I am a real sissy.
For some reason all of the woman that have seen buying my feminine hygiene products, makeup and clothes it doesn't bother me whatever they may think I am.

Stevie Stevens said...

One time I was in a store in the feminine products aisle. I was dressed like the girls in the bathroom post -- short demin shorts, girlie tank and girlie sandals -- all shaved of course.

So I was looking at maxipads. I guess I was looking for the Kotex long maxipads because that is what I usually buy. And there were two high school age girls nearby and they were pointing at me and laughing at me and covering their mouths while talking about me.

They would leave the aisle and then come back around and leave and then peak back down the aisle at me. The whole time they were making fun of me and having a good laugh at my expense.

Suzanne said...

"Outing" is one of my favorite activities with my own sissy!


Stevie Stevens said...

I used that glittery nail polish on my toes and I have since removed it, used pink polish, removed that, and put on green polish -- and there still is glitter that I can't get off!

It's like when you use glitter to decorate an art project and maybe you spill some or some comes off and you keep finding it around forever!

Darlene said...

after i was discovered by my sister i gradually went for full time. i still remember the first time i had to buy panties and pairs of panty hose for wearing under the skirts borrowed from my sister. i was 18 and sis had really forced me into. i was obvious at that time and it was really really embarrassing. the owner of the store an old lady had given me the eye and her assistant was trying hard not to giggle. it was my first shopping as a girl.

Stevie Stevens said...

You are so right about the looks! I remember actually getting more looks when buying panties and bras and pantyhose when I was in school than I do now.

Now, when I buy stuff I bet they figure it is for a wife or girlfriend.

Back then, when I was 18 or so, I bet they knew that that bra I was buying was for me because 18-year-old boys don't buy bras for anybody, except for an 18-year-old sissy buying a bra for herself!

Anonymous said...

when it comes to polishing my toes, ther are always bright pink when i leave from getting a pedicure.

Stevie Stevens said...

Bright red is my favorite color of toenail polish. But I actually have many colors, including pink, blue, purple, gold, green and sparkly silver. I also have plenty of polish remover on hand because I love to change the color after a few days.

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