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Monday, January 23, 2012

Making out with the real boys!

My sissy friend and I played like these girls!
When I saw this photo, it reminded me of something that took place a bunch of times with my sissy friend Timmy and me and some of the boys we would "play house" with in junior and senior high school.

Timmy and I did not go around wearing skirts like the girls in the photo, but we did wear girlie shorts and tank tops, so we did look like these girls as far as showing our sissy shaved legs and the tank tops.

But we did get together with the boys a bunch of times to make out. Sometimes Timmy's older brother would get us some beer -- for which we owed him big time -- or we would gather up some -- read: pilfer -- from our parents' refrigerators.

You know, the first people I kissed besides my mom and aunts were Timmy and these boys. Actually, they were the first people I kissed on the lips and French kissed! I did not kiss an actual girl until I was in college and that was only on the occasions of before or after I gave them oral pleasure.

But Timmy and I would kiss these boys in back yards and if the coast was very clear and maybe the beer made us brave enough, the boys would get blowjobs from us as well!

Did anyone else carry on like this?


Billie said...

I did of course! I have no explanation for it except to say I became very excited and thoroughly loved playing the female role during any play with boys. Boys just did "things" which made me feel real good inside.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for me, it wasn't quite like this. In my home town, I really tried to hide my sissiness and although I fantasized
about this I never acted on it for fear of everyone knowing about me at school. When I think back, it was silly to resist because most boys at school thought I was a sissy anyway and treated me as such.

The only time I did get to engage in this behavior was on an isolated occasion.
Once or twice a year my parents and I would visit my aunt and uncle who lived about 3 hours away from us. They had a son who was 2 years older than me and like most boys really didn't want to spend much time with someone like me. Most times when we visited for the weekend he would go off hunting , fishing or on some sports activity with my father and uncle, while I would stay around the house with my mom and aunt. We would usually go shopping and have lunch. My aunt was always very protective of me and used to comment to my mom how "sweet" and "darling" I was. However, one time when we went to visit, my father and uncle went on some gambling junket and my cousin was left behind. He and one of his other friends kind of got stuck with me for the day and although they didn't physically bully me they teased me unmercifully because I was so delicate and feminine. I was about 13 at the time and they were about 15. My cousin's friend told me he had an 8 year old brother who could beat the shit out of me and he was probably right. Later that night, the boys asked if they could sleep out in the tent in the back yard. For some strange reason my mom and aunt asked my cousin to include me in this activity and he reluctantly agreed.

That evening, the 2 boys were engaged in typical boy talk and naturally got on the subject of sex and were bragging about their penis size. They decided to have a contest where they would whip out and compare the size of their manhood,
and the loser would have to service
the winner. Unfortunately I was to be included in this. I was both terrified but yet excited. When the two of them exposed themselves, I knew my fate. Although they were both flaccid , they were huge and impressive like real men. When I was forced to undress I was both nervous and excited, and even being semi hard, I couldn't have been more than 2 inches at the time. The two of them teased me about how tiny I was and commented on how I should have been a girl. My cousin's friend even commented on how he had seen his 8 year old brother and a couple of other little boys that age get naked after being in a swimming pool and none of them were as tiny as me.

Although I felt humiliated, I was still anxious to service both of them.I alternated giving them blowjobs the entire evening and both of them must have cum in my mouth at least 4 times each.

After that night, I never saw my cousin's friend again, and although we never spoke about this subject my relationship with my cousin changed.

We visited a few times after that and on those occasions my cousin seemed to take on a more protective role with me. On those visits when our parents were out I would put on a pair of his mother's panties from the hamper and orally service him. He would reciprocate by taking down my panties, put my little sissy clit between his thumb and index finger and stroke me to orgasm. For some strange reason I never got to smooch with him like the girls in the picture above.


Stevie Stevens said...

What a wonderful story and memory for you Joy!

Darlene said...

the first time i made out with a boy was after a year i started going full time, aroun 19. itwas in a disco where i went with my sis, 2 years older than me. he didnt know that i was a boy, and he did not understand, ihad traveled a long way in dressing until then.
i hadnt kissed anyone and i still cannot forget his hands around my waist, his lips and his tongue. that was the first time i felt a real penis hardening and pressing on my crotch as i kissed him while dancing slowly. other than the excitement i got from the kiss, i cannot forget that hilarious feelin i had, turning on a boy in a real date.

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