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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breasts left big impression on me!

I see my mother in this woman! 
I don't remember a whole lot of things when I was really young, like 8 or younger.

But I do remember that I played with dolls with my sisters. Not anything rough that would be for boys.

I remember that I was shy and wanted to be around girls and women and not boys and men. I liked to be around my mother and visit my aunts.

I remember that my dad did not really like me and didn't do anything with me or even really talk to me.

And that is about it. Well, except for one really major thing! Of course I remember all the details about my mother. She left an impression on me starting at a very young age.

Just by chance I came across the above photo on Tumblr. It looks like a vintage photo from the 60s, maybe even the 50s. But that is how I remember what my mother looked like in the 60s! Even the hairstyle is similar.

What really left an impression on me was that my mother had breasts like the woman above and I saw the view that is in this photo many times. And well, even more of this view a lot of times too!

I guess I was infatuated by her breasts! But I did not know what it meant at that very young age. Of course, it did turn out to mean something, because normal little boys don't wish that they had breasts like their mother!

What about you? Was there something about your mother that left an impression on you at a very young age?


myinnersuzi said...

I remember her getting ready to go out many times and i woudl watch her and just loved seeing her do her makeup and hair, etc. i also was very interested in her eyelash curler and how it

Billie said...

Her kindness toward me when she "caught" me in her clothes, her inner strength.

Stevie Stevens said...

Oh yes, I remember watching my mom put on her makeup too. And I just recalled how she always wore a full slip and that must account for why I love slips so much!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching my mother put on her lipstick and wishing to try it. She often had me zip up her dress in back, too.

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