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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can't wait for summer!

I can 't wait for summer! I hate being cooped up in the house for one thing and I hate having to dress in layers when you do venture out into the cold.

I love wearing my summer clothes!  Do you see the pretty girl at right! I like to wear the same things: short denim shorts, a girlie tank top and girlie sandals! That would be about it in the summertime! Oh, I may also have on a bracelet like she does, maybe an ankle bracelet, and a lot of the time sunglasses like hers.

I would be showing as much leg as she is showing! Not wearing corduroy slacks like in the cold of winter! And boots, instead of dainty girlie sandals! Yuk! At least I have warm girlie socks and boots,

Now, if you are like me, you do not have long hair like the girl above does! I can't have long hair because there are still times when I have to present myself as normal, like at work so I can collect a paycheck. In order to not show that I am not a real girl I may wear some sort of sun hat or even a ballcap -- like the girl at left -- along with the sunglasses.

As I have noted before, I do not walk around in a dress and wig and high heels in public. I am certainly transgendered, but maybe I am not a crossdresser by definition. I don't try to pass myself off as a woman.

I am a sissy. I am girlie. I act girlie because that is the way I am. I want to be as girlie as possible. But I am not out to fool anybody. I wear that ballcap and sunglasses so I am not hassled for being a sissy. I want to blend in. And most of the time I am just fine. I think that if you are out there in a wig and you are discovered you may be hassled more than I would be.

But wow, I went off on a tangent, didn't I! So a question: Are you like me in the summer time with the short shorts and showing leg, etc? But not really quite fully crossdressing?


Selena Steele said...

You know what they say , if it walks and talks like a duck, well. I love my summer clothes! Tight cut of jean shorts, tank tops, sandals and ankle bracelet. It's really all about perception. Lots of girls these days wear really short hair cuts. No need to go wearing a wig and what not anyways. You can grow your hair just long enough so it sticks out from under your hat, and with the the sunglasses, well no one really knows. Perception, how you see yourself is how others will see you as well. I never did like wearing wigs at all. A short girly haircut can be passable on a man as well when you need to be a boy. It works quite well for me.

Love reading your blog, keep it real sweetie!

Stevie Stevens said...

Thank you Selena! And yes I plan to keep it real because I find posting about my experiences and thoughts and fantasies to be good therapy and I am sure those who respond can get the same benefit.

There is a lot of smut to be found out there. I enjoy blogs like this and just wish there were more that I new of.

SissyChrissyPinkPanties said...

I've been growing my hair out now for 6 or more months. Up until recently I was having it cut so that I could get away with it when in boy mode. It's now too long for that so I'm having it styled more and and more feminine because the longer I grow it the more Ilike it. Not sure where to go from here tho, do I go all the way and let the entire world know or stick as I am and maintain status quo. Decisions decisions....

Stevie Stevens said...

I see guys around -- real men -- who have ponytails! Me, sometimes I will have my hair in a shag style when it is longer.

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