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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I wanted to kiss my boy crush so badly!

You probably saw the post and the poll about having a crush on a boy in school. When I saw these photos it reminded me again of the boy I had a huge crush on.

I went to this big high school. It was not just one building but a big campus. It was like in college when you had 10 minutes to get to your next class.

But I would see this boy walking across the campus and I just wanted to run up to him and kiss him like the girl in the photo at left! I wanted to put my arms around him and have him pull me close! I wanted to be like the girl in the photo so much!

I wanted to sit on his lap and just kiss his face over and over like in the other picture! I wanted to caress his face as I kissed him!

I wanted to tell him how much I loved him so much! I just wanted to scream out to everyone that could hear that I loved him!

I wanted to be his girlfriend and do things that boyfriends and girlfriends do together!

I wanted to submit to him and pleasure him in any way that I could!

But I couldn't have what I wanted. And it really hurt, as you can imagine. Or maybe you experienced this too.

What hurt even more, what that he was actually very nice to me. That made it hurt still more because it made me love him and want him more. I had to keep this secret crush inside of me. If I ever let my feelings known to him unwittingly, he never said anything.

What hurt the most was when I saw him with a real girl. Walking with her, holding her hand, maybe hugging her and kissing her. How she would get to go out on dates with him and make out with him. It would crush me and I remember how I would cry in my bed at home because I wanted to be that girl.

It was a very tough time, as you can imagine. I had crushes on other boys in school, but never like the big crush I had. Did you experience a crush like this?


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Was never in your situation but can certainly understand the pain you must have felt.

Rita Mondray said...

I've been in that same situation. It never came true in public but luckily for me my crush was also my best friend and next door neighbor. It worked out...big time!! Check my blog!

Billie said...

Stevie, I experienced the same things. When I look back on it, it seems wrong but I became a tramp in order to "get my guy". Of course I had a lovely time being his "girl" but I was to be disappointed, it didn't last past his climax.

A life-lesson for me, and my life went on.

Stevie Stevens said...

Billie, I was blowing other guys because I was a sissy who loved cock. And like you said, after you were done they were done with you. But I did not love these guys. I loved the act. I was in love with my crush!

Selena Steele said...

Stevie, I understand just what you mean I believe. I love cock and I love being a slut to get it. But then there are those boys I was in love with.

sbo said...
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