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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh my gosh, that was me!

I think it was inevitable, not a mistake!
I saw this caption on tumblr and I thought instantly -- Oh my gosh, that was me!

And what is even more astounding is that during high school I was built like that, looked like that and had hair like that! I even had a little sissy clitty like that! You could have snapped my photo dressed in lingerie when I was in high school and it would have been close to the photo at right!

A few years before high school, when I was 12 or 13, I would get into my mother's wedding lingerie that she had stored away, as I have mentioned before.

It was a white corset with garter and white hose, just like in this photo!

At the same time, I was wearing my sister's panties and dresses and other things. So the caption for me would have read:

"You knew one day you would be trying on your sister's panties and your mom's lingerie ... and now you're not the same boy you once were!"

I still remember those days of trying on my mom's and sister's things. Was I making a mistake? Do you think you were making a mistake? My sissy friend Timmy was trying on his mother's lingerie. How did he get the urge to do that? The same way I did?  As a young sissy, Timmy was the only other person I knew for sure who was doing that. Because we would play house! But there were other sissies around school. We're they also trying on their sister's or mother's undies and other clothes? I bet they were!

Well, I don't think I was making a mistake though. Opening up a can of worms? For sure! But it was inevitable. No one ever told me I had to wear panties and shave my body to be smooth like a girl. I had girlie feelings before I ever saw a pair of panties. But when I did I knew that I should be in those panties. Because I had a girl inside of me.

A mistake? No, I don't think so? I have to believe there was no way getting around the way I am. There was no choice involved. It has been a trying lifestyle. Who would choose it?

What are your thoughts? Was it a mistake for you?

(Oh, and if that caption belongs to you, please alert me and I will give you credit.)


myinnersuzi said...

For me it was trying on my mom's panties AND reading her Cosmo's. Then my pretty cousin made the mistake of leaving her lipstick at our house and i took it to my room and with mom's panties on had the most wonderful afternoon applying the lipstick and 'practice pouting and puckering.' It was not a mistake, just something i feel i am wired to be.

Darlene said...

of course it was not a mistake. I began wearing my sisters stuff when I was 14-15,caught when I was 16 by my sister. well before i began to dress, i knew i was different. then i realized that i was more comfortable and happy in feminine attire. after she caught me wearing her bikini, she let me dress and had long girlie chats in her room at nights. I was so happy,relaxed, it was something beyond sexual excitement.

Riki said...

For me, wearing her LBD and panties
gave me a charge.

Belinda Reed said...

Most of us did it, helped ourselves to moms or a sisters stuff including lingerie and spend hours admiring ourselves in it . It was no mistake just a part of us we had to do cos nobody bought us our own. I sure don't regret.

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