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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The pregnant sissy!

You know, I did a lot of sissy things growing up and even through this day! Just read at least the last couple of posts in this blog!

But I was not even the biggest sissy I knew!  My sissy friend Timmy was a bigger sissy! I lost track of him through the years and one time my mother told me that she had run into his mother and found out that Timmy was actually married to a man somewhere in a state -- I forget which one -- that had legalized gay marriage! Timmy is the wife and there's no doubt about that!

But there was another sissy in school that Timmy and I both knew. He was a couple of years older than us. The thing that set him above all sissies was that he went around pretending and telling people that he was pregnant!

He wore maternity tops and had a round belly and looked sort of like the girl in the photo here! I don't know exactly what he did for the padding -- it was something better than a pillow stuffed under a shirt -- but every once in a while you would see him with the round belly and sometimes not. The teachers knew what a sissy he was. But those macho gym teachers and the ones who were football coaches gave him a really hard time.

I knew sissies like Timmy and me who shaved their legs and wore girls clothing that they could get away with, but none that went as far as that particular sissy! Did you know any sissies that did really off the wall things in a public sort of way like that?


Billie said...

No, shaving all over and wearing girl's intimates was the most drastic thing we did but we felt we were girls. Nothing was done so others could easily know what we were, that was made very clear in vacant lots and new houses under construction...every day!

jellybean said...

When I was young I dressed as much as I could in my Mom's panties, bra's, and anything else I could get into. As I grew up, I realized that I was a T.V. and I also knew that I wanted to be a girl so bad, but I never thought of myself as being a sissy. When I was young, there never was a thought of going to bed with a guy and each other playing with our "little soldiers" I thought of that as being really sick.
Now that I'm ALOT older, I guess that I wish that I could be with a guy, so after all of these years, I guess that I am a sissy afterall.
By the way, I do love the thought.

Sissy Faggot said...

Actually the "pregnant sissy" is fairly easy to do. Start with an oversized all-in-one, preferably the long-leg version. Also needed will be party balloons (the larger round type) and a 1 inch thick sheet of foam rubber. First fill the balloon with water until you have a 3-5" ball (the weight is to remind you you're pregnant) and tie off tightly. Next cut an egg shaped oval out of foam rubber that will span the width of your body and cut a hole in the center of this about the size of the balloon. Cut another layer of foam the same shape as the first but slightly smaller and finally cut another sheet that is slightly larger. Use the first sheet with the hole and place the balloon in the center. Cover with the second piece of foam and add the third before pulling up the all-in-one to hold it all in place. Under the all-in-one, I do suggest a nice pair of maternity hose also for additional containment of the "baby" and, if you can still get it up, to contain you. Put your breast forms in the cups of the all in one and proceed from there. By varying the size of the balloon and adding a smaller fourth layer of foam, you can go from "barely showing" pregnant to "ready to pop" pregnant. Just remember a few things. Hips and butt expand some so you also may want to pad that unless you are blessed with wide hips and a big butt. Pregnant women dress for comfort so go for a pair of maternity jeans and top. As the pregnancy proceeds, pregnant woman walk less and less normal and more of a waddle so don't try to do the runway model walk. Finally, pregnant women DO NOT wear 4" stilettos with ankle straps so find a very comfortable pair of flats to wear. Believe me, if you can pass and get a kick out of it dressed normally, the pregnant look will really wind you up!

Stevie Stevens said...

Wow! Thanks for that Sissy Faggot! Have you done that very much?

Sissy Faggot said...

Quite a few times. It's fabulous to do in public and you might be surprised how many guys who love a bj from a sissy really LOVE a bj from a sissy who looks 7 or 8 months along. Even now thinking about it, although I haven't gotten an erection in a long time, I still get a little twitch or two.

dvindia said...


anbhow1 said...

I believe the idea behind this blog is there some of us sissies that really do wish we could become become impregnated, get pregnant, carry our baby to term and nurse and care for it afterwards. And yes we would also want to continue to live our lives as males. The Ameican Indians called people such as myself "Two Spirited". That is having ALL of the physical and emotional properties of both genders in one body at the same time. I fit into this category. Pregnancy is a powerful tool that a woman has and Mother Nature shorted the Male gender here. In some cultures it is common for a male to nurse a baby, not the woman. We guys have the same milk ducts in our breasts as do women, just that puberty doesn't allow them to develop. A combination of exercises certain foods and herbs and in some cases, yes, hormones allow all interested men to develop these milk producing glands in their breasts and allow them to nurse a baby for as long as is wanted. This can go on for as long as 7 or more years in different parts of the world.

As for me, i am continually made sad that Mother Nature left me out of the child breeding loop.

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