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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two sissies partying with the boys!

This was Timmy and me in our proper place with the neighborhood boys!
A post I read on another blog prompted me to write about another thing that went on with me while in high school:

My sissy friend Timmy and I were tolerated -- just barely -- by most of the boys in the neighborhood. They resented us because we were sissies and also because we were close to the hottest girls.

Actually, they sort of did like us, but not in the usual way. As I mentioned before, there had been two boys that Timmy and I had been blowing on a regular basis. By the time we were in high school, of course this onetime secret was spread all around the school.
Many BJs given in a place like this!

One kid in the neighborhood had a grandfather who had worked as a mechanic. He owned a garage like the one pictured and kept it just to tinker around in and store stuff. The kid and other boys in the neighborhood and some of his other friends would hang out there and do stuff like smoke cigarettes and drink beer and look at dirty magazines.

There were a couple of couches in there as well as a table. There were lights, but most were kept off because the boys really were not supposed to be hanging out there and certainly could not be caught in there with the beer.

How do I know this stuff? It started when one time one of the boys was lamenting that they could not find anyone to buy them beer. Timmy heard this and said maybe he could get one of his older brothers to buy beer if he said it was for Timmy.

Timmy was successful in getting the beer and was to bring it to the garage one night when the boys were there. Timmy asked me to go along with him. So I got to see the hangout. So Timmy and I were in there, but we were told we had to leave. Timmy said something like "Come on, I got you the beer. And you owe me money." The kid whose grandfather owned the garage said we could stay but would get no money for the beer if we did. It would be our donation to the party.

Timmy said OK. But some of the other boys stepped in and said they did not want us around. Then one of the boys said, wait, let them stay. If they take their clothes off. And they have to give us blowjobs. Ha! I guess they thought that would surely make us get out of there.

But Timmy and I had been naked in front of boys before and, well, also had given blowjobs before. As it was, we were already wearing girls shorts and tops and were shaved smooth. We were already vulnerable. We stayed.  We all had a few beers and then even those sissy clothes -- including panties -- came off.

So there was Timmy and me in a garage with half a dozen boys -- could have been as many as 8 or 9, I don't remember -- and we were naked. After some more beer two of the boys began asking for their blowjobs and the other boys were egging things on.

Timmy and I got down on our knees while the two boys sat on the couch and we got between their legs. They pulled down their pants and we sucked them off to the comments and cheers of the other boys. We both swallowed when they came and of course everyone was just amazed.

Timmy and I could not believe this was happening and I think neither could the boys. Yet no one was displeased about what was going on. For a couple of years after that Timmy supplied the beer or wine through his big brothers and Timmy and I supplied the blowjobs when the boys were hanging out. It was not long before boys other than the original boys joined in and we were blowing them all, not just the first two. I bet a couple of times Timmy and I both blew 3 or 4 guys each and we still amazed them by swallowing.

What was really funny though was that some of these boys had girlfriends! I guess they were not getting any BJs from them! These girls never came around the hangout, obviously, but sometimes one of the more slutty girls from school would join in and the boys also would screw her.

Things began to break up after high school graduation and the boys went their separate ways. There were just a few times some hung out there after that and by then Timmy had moved away. I was at a college 30 miles away and went back once for old times sake.

When I am in that town I have to drive over to that garage and get out and look in the windows. The grandfather is gone but someone is fixing cars in there. If they only knew what went on in there!


Anonymous said...

wow! hot. wish i had the balls to do that in high school.

Billie said...

I had to LMAO when I read your post, Stevie, because guys usually made me get naked first too! I wore girl's plain white cotton panties back then. Being a "girl" for that brief time made me feel great.

Thalita CD said...


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have done that when I was in high school I had crushes bet never acted on them I wish I had thinking back on it

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

Why do your wear bras? Or not?

Ever pilfer panties from a girl's drawer, clothesline or laundry, etc?,

How do you wear your pantyhose?

As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

Do you tuck away your sissy clitty to pretend you are a girl?

Do you wear a bra on a daily basis?

As a t-girl, what do you shave? (Pick closest choice)

What is your favorite lingerie?

You have always wanted one, but what would you call it?

Did you have a crush on a boy when you were in high school?

When you see a gorgeous girl, do you want to:

At this exact second, what are you wearing?

Do you use feminine protection?

Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

Growing up, did you place dress-up with a sissy friend?

Did you play with dolls like Barbie and Tammy as a young sissy?