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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I wish I could be pregnant and be a mother!

I wish this could be me!
I stumbled upon this picture the other day on Tumblr! If you have read some of the other posts, you know how much I wish I could be pregnant and be a mother and breastfeed my baby!

I mean, I envy girls and women so much already and being pregnant and giving birth are two things that we T-girls just cannot do -- well unless science comes up with a way! Being pregnant and giving birth and breastfeeding just make me envy females even more!

I just find women in this pregnant state -- like the woman at left -- so beautiful and it's just another thing that we T-girls who want that are missing out on. Not to mention how she got pregnant in the first place! Hopefully it was not a whoopsie! But, ideally because she is deeply in love with her man and wants so much to please him  through constant sex and having his baby! Now see I am all worked up wishing that I could do those things!


jellybean said...

Like you Stevie, I see this picture of this young, very pretty woman, and I do get real envious.
In real life it just might not be so enjoyable, putting up with all of the problems that pregnant women quite often have. Once the baby has been delivered and I would be nursing, that gets me back to being a little envious.
Being a mother, would be great also. Maybe in another life.

Anonymous said...

You know with the proper drugs you most likely can make yourself lactate throw in a breast pump and I bet you would be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Sara said...

Oh, I so totally agree. I get so envious when I see pictures of pregnant women, and I long to be like them. It's the ultimate feminine experience and one I wish for every day! :)

J said...

Just imagine the feeling of power you would have from being a genetic girl. You are the gatekeeper of the human species.

Which men are worthy of leaving children and which are not? Maybe you would marry a rich husband, make him use condoms, and have unprotected sex with better men on the side. Your husband would never know!

Oh yea I want to be knocked up! It's the epitome of being female. It's why men work so hard to impress women and why women don't take the same risks that men do. The role of women is to be impregnated by a worthy man and then raise his child.

In fact, I think that most men should have been born females, particularly the less desirable men. Imagine a world where only 10% of people are female. Each man gets to have sex with many different women and each woman gets to be impregnated by a stud that is sexing many other women.

Anonymous said...

I have wished that I could get pregnant as well. I do pretend at times and own a great deal of maternity wear. I have been able to look as if I am about 8 months along. The few people that have seen me this way, indicate that I am very convincing and look very natural. I cannot wait for the delivery and the whole concept of breast feeding. Only wish this could become reality.

bubblepopmei said...

I'm very proud to say i am a mother. I did not birth my daughter, though I was in the delivery room, but I have a beautiful baby girl 17 months old and she'll be with me through my transition and beyond!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read that I am not the only gurl who fantasiizes about getting pregnant. I luv when my boyfriend cums inside me and luv thinking about his sperm swimming around in me. Why this makes sex so much more intense than just having him fill a condom I don't know. I just know it does!

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